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Fastlane - Book Uber from your menubar, fast and simple.




I wanted to build something with React and Electron so I started thinking during Christmas what I wanted to build and I realized when I sat at the computer and did not know where my cell phone was to be able to book an Uber then it hit me that an Mac App for Uber would be fun to build and Uber pretty recently released their API endpoint for requests. Success!

I started of using Sketch and moked everything up in Html, Css and then React. I have noticed that the code and structure could easily be rewritten to be more easy to understand and use.


Run npm-install to install all dependencies and rename config-template.json to config.json and add your API-keys from (https://developer.uber.com).

Start the app by running npm run start and to build the packade npm run build.


  • Reduce bundle size
  • Refactor code
  • Remove Api-server and use client only (CORS support)
  • Add support for no cars available
  • Implement Map

How to contribute

My contact information is located on my Github profile

Got questions or suggestions?


Pontus Abrahamsson

Pontus Abrahamsson