Arduino library to play RTTTL melodies
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RTTTL player library for Arduino.

  • based on RTTTL example in Tone library
  • hardware: check Tone library
  • blocking mode only
  • song can be either in PROGMEM or RAM
  • support for both internal and external improved Tone library
  • build tests
  • examples
  • library size calculation
  • simulation
  • API documentation with doxygen
  • header only library
  • supported Arduino versions: 0022, 1.0

Basic usage

//#include <Tone.h>
// if Tone.h is included before this include,
// then the external Tone library is used
// else the core tone()/noTone() functions.
#include <rtttl.h>

const int pinSpeaker = 13;
const int octave = 0;
const char song_P[] PROGMEM = "Indiana:d=4,o=5,b=4000:e,8p,8f,8g,8p,1c6";

Rtttl player;

void setup(void)
        player.play_P(song_P, octave);

void loop(void)

Manual Installation

Automatic Installation


  • install arduino

  • install confduino

  • install the library:

    # as root
    python -m confduino.libinstall


sudo apt-get install arduino
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install confduino
sudo python -m confduino.libinstall

Ubuntu uninstall

sudo python -m confduino.libremove rtttl