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🐴 Pony is an open-source, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high performance programming language
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.ci-dockerfiles Add Ubuntu18.04 builds May 8, 2020
.ci-scripts Rename FreeBSD artifacts May 12, 2020
.dockerfiles Update to Ubuntu 20 Apr 26, 2020
.github Remove check run logging May 8, 2020
benchmark Build PonyC using CMake (#3234) Mar 26, 2020
examples examples: Add comments for ring example Apr 10, 2020
lib Disable LLVM Z3 dependency (LLVM_ENABLE_Z3_SOLVER) May 5, 2020
minimal-cases Remove test better covered in #1629 (#1992) Jun 28, 2017
packages Ensure non-blocking process wait and correctly report process exit st… May 8, 2020
src Make the "can't happen" return failure May 13, 2020
test Only set `PONY_ALWAYS_ASSERT` for `libponyc` and `libponyc.tests`. Apr 1, 2020
.cirrus.yml Fix bug in linux musl nightly/release creation May 13, 2020
.gitattributes FIX include pony.g in archive files Jul 29, 2017
.gitignore Add standard libary tests to .gitignore Jun 6, 2018
.gitmodules Build PonyC using CMake (#3234) Mar 26, 2020 Fix FreeBSD build instructions (#3526) Apr 28, 2020 Add unreleased section to CHANGELOG post 0.35.1 release [skip ci] May 13, 2020
CMakeLists.txt Re-implement the `use` handling in the new CMake build system (#3500) Apr 18, 2020 Fix broken coc email address Sep 20, 2018 Remove references to (#3119) Mar 25, 2019 Rename FreeBSD artifacts May 12, 2020 Update installation instructions (#3436) Jan 2, 2020
LICENSE Fix dead link in and Update LICENSE for date (#3456) Feb 6, 2020
Makefile Symlink pony libs without arch directory (#3514) Apr 21, 2020 Fix dead link in and Update LICENSE for date (#3456) Feb 6, 2020 Rename FreeBSD artifacts May 12, 2020 Updating 4th example of the STYLE_GUIDE's multi-function-call section ( Jan 16, 2020 Remove references to (#3119) Mar 25, 2019
VERSION 0.35.1 release May 13, 2020
make.ps1 Make windows zip file name `x86-64` instead of `x86_64`. (#3490) Apr 3, 2020
pony.cloc removed misc directory Nov 26, 2014
pony.g Fix "not match" and "not if" causing a syntax error (#3449) Jan 28, 2020


Pony is an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high-performance programming language.


Pony is still pre-1.0 and as such, semi-regularly introduces breaking changes. These changes are usually fairly easy to adapt to. Applications written in Pony are currently used in production environments.



Building from source


Docker images



Supported platforms

Operating Systems

  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows 10


  • Full support for 64-bit platforms
    • x86 and ARM CPUs only
  • Partial support for 32-bit platforms
    • The arm and armhf architectures are tested via CI (Continuous Integration testing)

Editor support


We welcome contributions to Pony. Please read through for details on how to get started.


Pony is distributed under the terms of the 2-Clause BSD License. See LICENSE for details.

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