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Pull requests: ponylang/ponyc

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Update backpressure implementation with runtime configurable threshold discuss during sync
#4151 opened Jun 22, 2022 by dipinhora Loading…
Enable passing and returning of tuples in FFI calls changelog - added discuss during sync
#4150 opened Jun 21, 2022 by stefandd Loading…
Enhance runtime memory allocation tracking changelog - added do not merge
#4144 opened Jun 17, 2022 by dipinhora Loading…
Systematic testing for the runtime changelog - added discuss during sync
#4140 opened Jun 14, 2022 by dipinhora Loading…
Auto-recover constructor expressions changelog - added
#4124 opened May 24, 2022 by kulibali Loading…
Make the verify pass on by default changelog - changed do not merge
#4036 opened Feb 23, 2022 by SeanTAllen Loading…
WIP: Add support for the llvm: use scheme
#3924 opened Nov 18, 2021 by redvers Loading…
WIP Introduce apply() getters for JSON data.
#3923 opened Nov 17, 2021 by sgebbie Loading…
Add preliminary code for WebAssembly.
#3906 opened Oct 27, 2021 by jemc Loading…
Contribution and doc build guidelines do not merge documentation
#3905 opened Oct 22, 2021 by rhagenson Loading…
Add linux musl tests on Arm do not merge
#3882 opened Oct 5, 2021 by SeanTAllen Loading…
CirrusCI change in config format needs discussion
#3825 opened Aug 15, 2021 by SeanTAllen Draft
Change UDPSocket to use vectored output changelog - changed do not merge
#3697 opened Jan 20, 2021 by ergl Loading…
Changes for rfc-179 unicode string changelog - changed do not merge
#3679 opened Dec 1, 2020 by rowland66 Loading…
Replace type variables in a single sweep during reification. changelog - fixed help wanted
#3664 opened Sep 25, 2020 by SeanTAllen Draft
Don't add unnecessary methods to virtual tables help wanted
#3663 opened Sep 25, 2020 by SeanTAllen Draft
Don't map INADDR_ANY to localhost in pony_os_sockname changelog - changed needs discussion
#3583 opened Jun 30, 2020 by anacrolix Loading…
semi-working riscv support
#3435 opened Dec 25, 2019 by dipinhora Loading…
Trigger GC after a set number of messages and when blocked do not merge
#3031 opened Feb 27, 2019 by dipinhora Loading…
Type param constraints now respect default cap of the type. changelog - changed
#2675 opened Apr 30, 2018 by jemc Loading…
Avoid allocating multiple vtable indices to subordinate methods do not merge
#2670 opened Apr 25, 2018 by Praetonus Loading…
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