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Monitors prices of Amazon products via Product Advertising API
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Monitors prices of Amazon products via Product Advertising API. Relies on python-amazon-simple-product-api under the hood.

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  • Python 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
  • Django >= 1.5
  • Celery >= 3
  • six

Basic setup

Add the app "price_monitor" to INSTALLED_APPS:



The app also supports South.

Amazon account details

You can get these values from the accounts area of your Amazon account.

Add the following settings to your settings file:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = '<your-aws-access-key>'
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = '<your-aws-secret-key>'

Set the setting for selecting the Amazon region store and your associate handle:

 # possible values: ['US', 'FR', 'CN', 'UK', 'CA', 'DE', 'JP', 'IT', 'ES']

 # can be found in your Amazon associate account
 AMAZON_PRODUCT_API_ASSOC_TAG = '<your-assoc-tag>'

Celery settings

To be able to run the required Celery tasks, Celery itself has to be set up. Please see the Celery Documentation about how to setup the whole thing. You'll need a broker and a result backend configured.

The following tasks are consumed:

ProductsSynchronizeTask (PeriodicTask)

This is the Celery task responsible for the synchronization of products:

Syncs the products initially created with only the ASIN and updates products with a last synchronization date older than settings.PRICE_MONITOR_AMAZON_PRODUCT_REFRESH_THRESHOLD_MINUTES (number of minutes). Prices for these products are created, too. Runs by default every 5 minutes, overwrite the run time by setting the PRICE_MONITOR_PRODUCTS_SYNCHRONIZE_TASK_RUN_EVERY_MINUTES setting.

ProductSynchronizeTask (Task)

A task for synchronizing a single product. Is called after the creation of new product.

NotifySubscriberTask (Task)

Sends out an email to a single subscriber of a product that has reached the price limit. Is called through ProductSynchronizeTask.

Email notifications

To be able to send out the notification emails, set up a proper email backend (see Django documentation) and set the PRICE_MONITOR_EMAIL_SENDER setting to the email the mails are sent from.

All settings listed

This is a list of all settings that can be overwritten:

Name Description Default value Required?
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID Access key to use Amazon Product Advertising API. Can be found in AWS Management Console. (empty) yes
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY Secret access key to use Amazon Product Advertising API. Can be found in AWS Management Console. (empty) yes
AMAZON_PRODUCT_API_REGION Region code to use for monitoring products. Set to your country id. (empty) yes
AMAZON_PRODUCT_API_ASSOC_TAG Tracking id enable for use with Product Advertising API. Can be found in Amazon PartnerNet account. (empty) yes
PRICE_MONITOR_EMAIL_SENDER Email sender address of notification emails. noreply@localhost yes
PRICE_MONITOR_DEFAULT_CURRENCY The default currency - used for display in frontend. EUR no
PRICE_MONITOR_PRODUCT_SYNCHRONIZE_TASK_RUN_EVERY_MINUTES Run the ProductSynchronizeTask every this minutes. 5 no
PRICE_MONITOR_AMAZON_PRODUCT_SYNCHRONIZE_COUNT Number of products to query with one call to Product Advertising API. Maximum allowed value is 10. 10 no
PRICE_MONITOR_AMAZON_PRODUCT_REFRESH_THRESHOLD_MINUTES Time after which products shall be refreshed (in minutes). 12 * 60 no
PRICE_MONITOR_SUBSCRIPTION_RENOTIFICATION_MINUTES Time after when to notify a user about an already notified subscription again (in minutes). 60 * 24 * 7 no
PRICE_MONITOR_I18N_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION_SUBJECT Notification email subject. 'Price limit for %(product)s reached' no
PRICE_MONITOR_I18N_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION_BODY Notification email body. 'The price limit of %(price_limit)0.2f %(currency)s has been reached for the article "%(product_title)s" - the current price is %(price)0.2f %(currency)s.\n\nPlease support our platform by using this link for buying: %(link)s\n\n\nRegards,\nThe Team' no
PRICE_MONITOR_SITENAME The name of your site. Used in price tooltips. 'Price Monitor' no
PRICE_MONITOR_ASIN_REGEX Regular expression for validating ASINs '[A-Z0-9]+' no

Management Commands

There is a management command to batch create a number of products by providing their ASIN:

python price_monitor_batch_create_products "<ASIN1>,<ASIN2>,<ASIN3>"


The app uses the logger "price_monitor" to log error and info messages. Please see the Django logging documentation for how to setup loggers.


Model Graph

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