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Ethereum ERC-721 tokens lending platform
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Ethereum ERC-721 tokens lending platform

💡 Description

LEND721 is Ethereum Smart Contract that allows lending ERC-721 Smart Contracts (NFT) and gain interest from it. On the other hand it allows to borrow same NFT's that are set for lending by paying collateral to LEND721 which handles the lend process.

Current stage: beta.

🏹 Deployed client dApps on Netlify

🏠 Smart Contract addresses across Ethereum networks

Note: Smart Contract calls are proxied to main Smart Contract so calls destination is the Proxy Smart Contract itself.

To do

  • Client dApp: show lent data
  • Client dApp: show borrowed data
  • Client dApp borrower: call DAI approve method
  • Client dApp borrower: call borrow method
  • Client dApp lender: call ERC-721 approve method
  • Client dApp lender: call ERC-721 lend set method
  • Set duration for lendings
  • Deploy Smart Contract to mainnet
  • Verify Smart Contract in mainnet Etherscan
  • Put lenders addresses with lent tokens somwehere outside of smart contract (UX improvement) – (note: solved with
  • Show message when collateral was already taken on expired lend
  • Show success or error messages on each transaction
  • Email reminders for borrower or lender
  • Allow edit lend

🧩 Deploy to The Graph

Run from .thegraph:

yarn subgraph:prepare
yarn subgraph:codegen
yarn subgraph:deploy

More info –

📐 Deploy dApp on Arweave

Setup Arweave:

npm i -g arweave-deploy
arweave key-create ~/arweave-key.json
arweave key-save ~/arweave-key.json

Get AR tokens from Arweave team and deploy from client by running yarn deploy.

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