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Bookmark+, a bookmark app that doesn't suck
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Bookmark+ is a book mark chrome extension that doesn't suck. Save exactly what you want with one click! Bookmarked content will appear as they should, rather than just a plain URL.

Just right click on the content you want to save on the page, bookmark+ will do the rest. Currently, bookmark plus spports:

  • Image, right click an image. Image will be directly visible from bookmark+ folder
  • Quote, select a paragraph and then right click. Selected paragraph will be directly visible from bookmark+ folder
  • Video (Youtube only), right click on any blank space for a youtube video. Video will be directly visible from folder
  • Page, right click on any page, the url will be saved the old way.

Checkout our demo here:

Bookmark+ demo

###Credits Credit to Axel Wyart for his great design of the extension's bookmark icon. Check out Axel's profile here:

Created in Y-hack 2013, MIT liscense

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