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Group Members:

Pooja Pasawala: Worked on allowing the user to select an image from their gallery, and saving the meme to the camera roll once it was generated. Coordinated with the team on what needed to be done (mostly via slack), kept team updated on what everyone was working on and what features had been merged or needed to be reviewed, noted any bugs that needed to be fixed as they came up, and reviewed all pull requests. Time Spent: 12 hours

Anthony Fermin: Worked on allowing the user to use their camera to take a picture, generating demotivational memes, and reviewed pull requests. Time Spent:

Tasha Smith: Created the layout for choosing a Vanilla or Demotivational Meme and worked on generating vanilla memes. Time Spent: 12 hours

Jorge Reina: Created the layout for choosing camera or gallery image, created the layout for choosing save or share, and added share capability. Time Spent: