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None of the developers bare responsibility if a user got scammed. By using this software you are agreeing to bare all the responsibility if you lose funds. The code is open source and can be checked each time when you open a site using this code. We do suggest you to do so!


  • Change wallet symbols for making it compatible to BTG

  • Rebrand the UX

  • Add transaction signing with replay protection

  • Add beaming raw transaction to node

  • Uncomment and improve existion features

A Open Source Browser Based Bitcoin Wallet. Version 1.3 beta by OutCast3k

Live version available at

Github URL: supports a number of key features such as:

  • Offline Compressed & uncompressed Address creation.
  • Offline Multisignature Address creation.
  • "In browser" Key (re)generation.
  • Send and receive payments.
  • Ability to decode transactions, redeem scripts and more offline.
  • Build custom transactions offline.
  • Sign transactions offline.
  • Signatures are deterministic as per RFC 6979 (
  • Broadcast transactions.
  • nLockTime support.
  • Add custom data to transactions with the use of OP_RETURN.
  • Support current Dark Wallet Stealth Address structure (as of version Alpha 7) for outputs.
  • Brain wallet support.
  • Compatible with bitcoin-qt
  • An offical .onion address for tor users.
  • Offline qrcode creator and scanning tool
  • HD (bip32) support
  • Supports altcoins such as litecoin
  • Replace by fee (RBF) Support
  • Segwit Support
  • Fee calculator -

Donate to 3K1oFZMks41C7qDYBsr72SYjapLqDuSYuN to see more development!


Javascript Bitcoin Wallet. Supports Multisig, Stealth, HD, Time Locked Addresses, RBF and more!




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