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Don't be evil.

Server is running on now.

You can get latest data dumped from the linked below:

where FILE are one of the following:

  • aaci.csv.gz
  • quests.csv.gz
  • createitemrecords.gz
  • createshiprecords.gz
  • dropshiprecords.gz
  • passeventrecords.gz
  • reciperecords.gz
  • selectrankrecords.gz

How to consume the data

All these datasets are exported via mongodump. For large-size datasets, they are in BSON format (inside MongoDB archive). An efficient way to make use of them is to set up a local MongoDB server and import the data with mongorestore, then query data with a MongoDB binding for your preferred language (see also awesome-mongodb for other libraries, GUI, etc.).

For example, for ship drops collection

# download the current dump
curl -O
# make directory for MongoDB
mkdir db
# start MongoDB
mongod --dbpath db
# in another terminal, import data from the archive
# extracted data will be stored inside the created directory and used by MongoDB
mongorestore --gzip --archive=dropshiprecords.gz -d poi-production
# query from MongoDB with any client

Alternatively, the data can be processed directly as BSON

# download and extract the current dump
curl -O
gunzip dropshiprecords.gz
# read BSON starting from its offset in the archive, see, e.g.


ship drop data will be wiped monthly after they are dumped.

Monthly data archives will be available at


All APIs are following the same format:

  • URL: http://[SERVER_NAME]/api/report/v2/[API_NAME]
  • Method: POST
  • Body: data=[JSON_PAYLOAD]

where SERVER_NAME are currently For now there are 3 possible API_NAME available, namely create_ship, create_item, drop_ship. JSON_PAYLOAD is the JSON encoded / serialized data you are supposed to send, its content varies depending on API_NAME, see following sections for detail.


URL: http://[SERVER_NAME]/api/report/v2/create_ship
Field Type Explanation
items [Number] Items for construction, from api_item1 to api_item5 in KanColle game api
kdockId Number Dock ID, examples: [0, 3], note the index is 0-based, if you get it from KanColle API's api_kdock_id field, you need to minus 1 from it.
secretary Number Secretaryship's ship_id
shipId Number Result ship id
highspeed Number use highspeed. [0, 1, 10]
teitokuLv Number Game player's level
largeFlag Boolean Set to true if it was LSC(大型舰建造)
origin String (Optional) It's the name of your report plugin, requests' User-Agent will be used if not present


URL: http://[SERVER_NAME]/api/report/v2/create_item
Field Type Explanation
items [Number] (Same as construction)
secretary Number (Same as construction)
itemId Number api_slot_item.api_slotitem_id on success. If development failed, api_fdata will be a comma separated list, get the second element from it (e.g. if api_fdata = "2,33", you should fill this field with 33)
teitokuLv Number (Same as construction)
successful Boolean (Successful or unsuccessful.)
origin String (Same as construction)

Drop ship

URL: http://[SERVER_NAME]/api/report/v2/drop_ship
Field Type Explanation
shipId Number api_get_ship.api_ship_id, dropped ship id, -1 if nothing
itemId Number api_get_useitem.api_useitem_id, dropped item id, -1 if nothing
mapId Number api_maparea_id * 10 + api_mapinfo_no, current map id, 5-5 is 55, 1-6 is 16, etc.
quest String api_quest_name, name of the current map
cellId Number api_no, id of the current edge (path leading from previous to current node)
enemy String api_enemy_info.api_deck_name, name of the current node (enemy's fleet deck)
rank String api_win_rank, battle win rank, 'S', 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' or 'E'
isBoss Boolean api_color_no == 5, true if it is a boss node, false otherwise
teitokuLv Number (Same as construction)
mapLv Number api_eventmap.api_selected_rank, current map difficulty, 0 for regular (non-event) maps, 1 for 丁, 2 for 丙, 3 for 乙, 4 for 甲
enemyShips1 [Number] api_ship_ke, ship ids of the main enemy fleet
enemyShips2 [Number] api_ship_ke_combined, ship ids of the escort enemy combined fleet (if any, [] otherwise)
enemyFormation Number api_formation[1], enemy fleet formation id
baseExp Number api_get_base_exp, base ship experience got
teitokuId String sha1(api_member_id + '_' + api_nickname + '_' + api_nickname_id) in base64, a hash unique per player
shipCounts [Number] for shipId != -1 stores all owned forms of that ship as [base count, first remodel count, ...]
origin String (Same as construction)

Item remodel recipe

URL: http://[SERVER_NAME]/api/report/v2/remodel_recipe
Field Type Explanation
recipeId Number recipe id, note that 101, 201, 301 will not be reported
itemId Number item to improve
stage Number improve stage, [0,6) = 0, [6, 10) = 1, 10 = 2
day Number day of week UTC+9 Tokyo/Japan
secretary Number ship id of second slot, determined by api_req_kousyou/remodel_slot's api_voice_ship_id
fuel Number 0 if no fuel consumed
ammo Number similar to above
steel Number similar to above
bauxite Number similar to above
reqItemId Number item id for consumed items, will be -1 if no item consumed
reqItemCount Number 0 if no item consumed
buildkit Number cannot be 0
remodelkit Number cannot be 0
certainBuildkit Number cannot be 0
certainRemodelkit Number cannot be 0
upgradeToItemId Number id for new item upgraded, only possible at stage 2, -1 if no information
upgradeToItemLevel Number level for new item upgraded, -1 if no information
key String key to identify recipe, r${recipeId}-i${itemId}-s${stage}-d${day}-s${secretary}
origin String (Same as construction)

The client will fetch known recipes from server and only report new ones, see poi-plugin-report's implementation.


Several KanColle tools/plugins have implemented supports for this, you can refer to them when in question:

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