Example of integrating functional selenium tests with Tenon.io
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Tenon.io Selenium example

This repo shows some simple examples of how to perform Tenon assertions as part of a set of functional tests driven by Webdriver.io.

Quick Start

  1. Make sure you have NodeJS installed (currently, version 0.10.33), and you can use the npm command:

    $ npm version
  2. Install Grunt globally:

    $ npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Install dependencies from the project root directory:

    $ npm install
  4. Export your Tenon API Key as an environment variable:

    $ export TENON_API_KEY=1234567890ABCDEFG
  5. Start the selenium server and run the example tests using Google Chrome against Google.com:

    $ grunt

    As of 2017-08-14, this results in one (1) passing and two (2) failing tests on Google.com.

Important bits...

Webdriver.io makes it easy to add your own commands which are included in test/helpers/tenonCommands.js. In this case, we are using the tenon-node module to send either a URL or HTML to tenon for validation and then performing an assertion on the results from Tenon.