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Asynchronous email delivery for ActionMailer in Rails 3 via Qu
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QuMailer is a library for the asynchronous delivery of emails sent out by ActionMailer in Rails 3 applications. It is heavily inspired by ResqueMailer.

Email jobs created by QuMailer are processed by Qu, a Ruby library for queuing and processing background jobs.


It is assumed that you are using Qu. If you aren’t already using it, please visit the Qu project page for details on getting set up.

Rails 3

Add the QuMailer gem to your Gemfile.

gem 'qu_mailer'


Include QuMailer in your ActionMailer subclass(es):

class MyMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  include Qu::Mailer

Fire up Qu with a 'mailer' queue:

$ bundle exec rake qu:work QUEUES=mailer,default

Now, when you send a deliver message to an action in MyMailer, it will be placed on Qu’s mailer queue, and a Qu worker will deliver it in due course. If you want to bybass Qu in a particular scenario and send the email synchronously, then use deliver!.

It is recommended that instead of passing objects to your emails as parameters, record identifiers are used instead. Jobs are handled in a separate process.


Queue Name

QuMailer defaults to a queue called mailer. You can change the name of the queue using an initializer.


  Qu::Mailer.default_queue_name = 'asynchronous_electronic_mailbox'

Excluded Environments

You may want to prevent QuMailer from sending out email in certain environments. By default QuMailer exludes the test environment. You may add additional excluded environments using an initializer.


  Qu::Mailer.excluded_environments << :cucumber
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