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Sessions, Express, SocketIO, Redis

SESIOR is an AngularJS/NodeJS demo app which examplifies how sessions can be shared between NodeJS Express (v4.8.x) framework and Socket.IO (v1.0.x) using Redis for session storage.

Here is a blog post which explains how SESIOR works.


  • Install Git Bash (Windows users only)
  • Install NodeJS
  • Run located in the root directory of the project
    • this will install all the needed npm and bower dependencies for both SESIOR.Node and SESIOR.SPA
  • Install Redis (for Windows users)
  • Setup SESIOR.Node/config.js if needed

Running the application

  • Start redis-server (for Windows users redis-X.Y/bin/release/redis-server.exe from the downloaded zip)
  • Run to start the SESIOR.Node portion of the application (uses Nodemon)
  • Run to start the SESIOR.SPA portion of the application
  • If you're running Windows, you can add SESIOR.SPA/app to IIS and run it that way
    • make sure to set your SESIOR.SPA hostname in SESIOR.Node/config.js as allowed CORS origins
  • If you're running *NIX, read this

Older Express/SocketIO version branches

Deleting node_modules directory on Windows

Not all files from node_modules in SESIOR.SPA can be deleted normally because their filenames are too long, so use ClearSpaNodeModules.bat from the project root directory to do that


Made at: Mono Software Ltd.