Documentation minisite for Pop!_OS and related projects
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Minisite for Pop!_OS and related projects.

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Jekyll & GitHub Pages

This site relies on recent updates to GitHub Pages or the relevant Ruby Gems for local development as well as the "v2" styling of

Other Notes

File names

Docs are .md files in the docs/ folder. Please dash-separate words in filenames

Front Matter

Docs use Front Matter to set some attributes. They'll fall back to something sane if omitted, but to prevent duplicate titles, set the title at the top of the file:

title: Foo
description: Bar baz bin qux

And then don't start the doc with a heading, as it will show up automatically.

You should also set a description; this will show up on the docs index page.

Local Development

To run a local copy of the site to see changes without pushing, install Ruby, Nodejs, and Bundler (for more info, see this GitHub Documentation):

curl -sL | sudo -E bash - # Add stable NodeJS repo
sudo apt install -y build-essential nodejs ruby ruby-dev       # Install dev tools, NodeJS, and Ruby
sudo gem install bundler                                       # Install Bundler to manage site dependencies

Then run jekyll:

bundle exec jekyll serve # Run Jekyll with Bundler