Fonts for the System76 Pop look, Fira and Roboto Slab
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Fonts for System76

System76 primarily uses two fonts, Fira and Roboto Slab.

Both are included for wasy installation with the Pop Themes


Window Titles: Fira Sans SemiBold 10

Interface: Fira Sans Book 10

Documents: Roboto Slab Regular 11

Monospace: Fira Mono Regular 11


From Archive

You can install the fonts on Ubuntu-based OSs through our PPA. All components of the Pop look and feel can be installed using:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:system76/pop
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pop-theme

You can also install components individually:

sudo apt install pop-fonts

From Github

Clone this repo, then use the following command to install the fonts system-wide:

sudo make install

*Note, a separate ./configure and make are not required.

You can also copy the fira/ and /roboto-slab folders into your user's local font folder, typically ~/.local/share/fonts/.

You may need to log out and log back in for any changes to take effect.