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An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on the Materia GTK+ theme.


Pop GTK+ Theme GNOME Maps Dark Theme

Required Components

Pop supports Gtk+ 3.22.x, 3.20.x and 3.18.x

* Gtk+-3.0             >= 3.18.9
* Gtk+-2.0             >= 2.24.30
* gtk2-engines-pixbuf  >= 2.24.30
* gtk2-engines-murrine >= 0.98.1

Supported Desktop Environments

* GNOME-Shell     >= 3.18.3
* GNOME-Flashback >= 3.18.2
* Budgie-Desktop  >= 10.2.7
* Unity7          >= 7.4.0
* XFce4           >= 4.12.2
* Mate            >= 1.14.0 (Gtk+ 3.2x only)
* LXDE            >= 0.99.1 (Gtk+ 2.x only)


  • Mate-Desktop and Pantheon support are W.I.P.


Window Titles: Fira Sans SemiBold 10

Interface: Fira Sans Book 10

Documents: Roboto Slab Regular 11

Monospace: Fira Mono Regular 11


Pop is intended to be installed through the package manager. Packages for Ubuntu are available in PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop
sudo apt update
sudo apt install pop-theme

It's recommended to use the pop-theme metapackage, as this will pull in all components of the look. However, individual components can be installed separately, e.g:

sudo apt install pop-gtk-theme

It's also recommended to restart the GNOME Shell after applying the theme of your choice.

Enter the Shell's command launcher

Alt + F2

This will restart the Shell after you hit Enter


Installation from Git Source

Note: You must have sassc installed in order to build Pop. Users of 17.04 or later can install it using:
sudo apt install libsass0 sassc inkscape optipng libglib2.0-dev-bin
  1. If previous versions were installed/existed, remove them first.
sudo apt remove system76-pop-gtk-theme
sudo make uninstall
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/themes/{Pop,Pop-Eta,Pop-Nokto,Pop-Nokto-Eta}
rm -rf ~/.local/share/themes/{Pop,Pop-Eta,Pop-Nokto,Pop-Nokto-Eta}
rm -rf ~/.themes/{Pop,Pop-Eta,Pop-Nokto,Pop-Nokto-Eta}
  1. Generate the theme files.
make clean
  1. Install the theme.
sudo make install


  • Prepare for Steam theming (priority: Low)

Public License



SVG files are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Special Thanks to

Nana-4, the developer of Materia. tista500 and the Adapta Theme Project: