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Pop!_OS ISO production

This repository contains the tools necessary for building Pop!_OS ISOs.


First you need to import the Pop!_OS ISO signing key:

gpg --recv-keys 204DD8AEC33A7AFF

Then you need to generate your own GPG key and upload it to a keyserver:

gpg --full-gen-key
gpg --send-keys --keyserver ${YOUR_KEY_ID_HERE}

While you are waiting for your key to be uploaded, install the dependencies:



The build is controlled by the Makefile. The following commands can be used:

  • make - Build an ISO at build/17.10/pop-os.iso
  • make qemu_bios - Run the ISO in BIOS mode
  • make qemu_uefi - Run the ISO in UEFI mode
  • make clean - Remove the build files, keeping the debootstrap
  • make distclean - Remove the debootstrap and other build files

The configuration can be changed in mk/

To rebuild the ISO when you have made changes, you can use make clean && make