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System76 Keyboard Configurator

Tool for configuring System76 keyboards, internal and external, with support for changing the keymap and LED settings.

This requires a System76 laptop with recent open EC firmware, or a Launch keyboard. Note that LED settings are not currently persisted on internal keyboards.


See releases page for pre-built binaries of the latest tagged release.


# Install dependencies if necessary
sudo apt-get install cargo libgtk-3-dev libhidapi-dev libudev-dev

# Clone keyboard-configurator if necessary
git clone

# Make sure it is up to date
cd keyboard-configurator
git pull

# Build and run the configurator
cargo run --release


Translators are welcome to submit translations directly as a pull request to this project. It is generally expected that your pull requests will contain a single commit for each language that was added or improved, using a syntax like so:

i18n(eo): Add Esperanto language support
i18n(pl): Improvements to Polish language support

Translation files can be found here. We are using Project Fluent for our translations, which should be easier than working with gettext.