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Current version
- Fix stack corruption on large code files
- Restore headers file
POP-C++ 3.0: 04.09.2015
- Asynchronous creation of parallel objects
- Stabilization of version 2.9: Lots of bug fixes
- Support for Unified Domain Socket combox
- Switch to Git and Github
- Switch to CMake
- Refactorings / Cleanup of the source base
- Removal paroc_list, paroc_array and paroc_string: Use of std:: versions is
now possible
- Minimize the duplicated files between dynamic and pseudo-dynamic versions
- Improve exception catching and logging in the core of POP-C++
POP-C++ 2.9:
- Basic support for Windows
POP-C++ 2.8
- Reintroduce feature: Socket Communication Model (TCP/IP)
- Reintroduce feature: Global and Application services
- Optimize services folder with lib folder for further development
POP-C++ 2.6.5
- New build process with cmake
- Added feature: Hybrid Communication Model (UDS/MPI)
- Added feature: MPI Communication Model with pseudo-dynamic allocation
- Added feature: Parallel Object Group
- Added feature: New MPI support
- Added feature: XcalabeMP support
- Cross-compilation for the K Computer
- New compiler flag -mpi to enable MPI support during compilation
- New compiler flag -xmp to enable XMP support during compilation
- New compiler flag -advanced to enable link to the POP-C++ Advanced Library
- New compiler flag -static to use the MPI Communication model with pseudo-dynamic allocation
POP-C++ 2.5
- Add specific error message for unsupported C++ functionalities inside a parclass declaration
- Automatic detection of architecture in the configure script (no need to use CPPFLAGS=-DARCH_MAC anymore)
- Automatic detection of active interface at runtime for Mac OS X (no need to set POPC_IFACE anymore)
- Add simple typedef support inside parclass declaration
- Add better support of pure virtual parclass
- Allow the void parameter in function declaration
- Solve the problem when using 'namespace'
- Fix parser erroneous behavior when inheriting from template class before POPBase.
- Accept the [] syntax for arrays in method parameters
- Improve coherence of errors and warning messages
- Solve a compilation issue with when using Fedora
- Corrections of several minors bugs
- Add new command to SXXpopc "kill" to kill the POP-C++ runtime services.
- Add new command to SXXpopc "killnstart" to kill the POP-C++ runtime services and start it.
- Add new command to SXXpopc "clearlog" to clear the log file of POP-C++.
- Add new command to SXXpopc "log" to display the log file of POP-C++.
Release 2.0.1
- Improve the termination time of a parallel application
- Fix slowness of POP-C++ application on MAC OS X
- Add support for enum type inside a parclass declaration
- Removing useless directory in the release
Release 2.0:
changes internal POP-C++ :
to compile pop-c++ application (popcc) :
- option "-no-pipe" replaced by "-nopipe" to be in adequation with the other flags
- option "-paroc-static" replaced by "-popc-static"
- option "-paroc-nolib" replaced by "-popc-nolib"
- option "-parocld=<linker>" replaced by "popcld=<linker>"
- option "-parocdir" replaced by "popcdir"
- option "-version" added for popcc
to run pop-c++ application (popcrun) :
- flag "-debug" added to display debugging informations
- flag "-log=<file>" added to log messages displayed on stdout and stderr during compilation
- if no network is available the system tries to launch the objects on localhost
instead the application crashes
- option "-version" added for popcrun
Fixed bugs
- CONST keyword is correctly treated
- Usage of "this" works now but with little restrictions
- fix of some other minor bugs
New features :
- implementation of a new algorithm to find resources
- interoperability with POP-Java
- secure communications in ssh tunnel
- a warning message is displayed when a non-catched exception is raised in a remote method invocation
- possibility to use cmake instead of make
Documentation :
- user and installation guide was improved
- additional documents were added for the new features
- extended test applications
- more samples
Release : 1.3
- Add an object descriptor that checks the connection : od.checkConnection (project disconnect-1)
- Includes the POPC++ manual sources in Latex
- Comments added for Doxygen
- od.manual: a new object descriptor that simply prints the object launching command. (for debug)
- Add a od.url(host,arch) that can specify the architecture.
- Add std::string as a standard type. No marshalling funciton needs to be specified.
- Fix bug : Only list packed objects with -list/-listlong.
- For od.url() : You can now specify user@host{core}:port. (project DUO)
- Fix parser bugs :
- "::" is accepted in class initialization
- attributes can now be references
- Add parser.lex and parser.y to the archive
- Fix bug with g++ compiler version 4.3.3
- Can compile for uc-linux. (project DUO)
- Change attribution of IP/URL for objects : use the ip of default gateway interface
- Rename all environment variables from PAROC_ to POPC_ (+ run autoreconf, automake)
- Check that an async method does not have an output in parser
- Added YYERROR_VERBOSE so the parser error are more explicit. (experimental)
- Create scripts to launch POPC with PBS (+ reedit existant scripts)
- Rename all scripts with popc- instead of paroc-
- Marshalling of vector/list is automatic + parser manages templates
- Improve exception handling
- Improve execution of POP-C++ as a batch job : PBS,SGE,LSF (+class batchmgr)
- Added the possibility to set the working directory of remote obj. By default it is equal to the current local working directory
- Modify the setter of paroc_exception
- Add two tests cases to the archives : demopopc and chat
- Fix a bug for POP-C++ with MPI
- POP-C++ is working on Mac
- POP-C++ tested on Kerrighed cluster
- New combox and combox factory interface.
- Receive thread cancellation: close combox.
- broker main: Initialization is moved to paroc_broker::Initialize and paroc_broker_factory::Create.
- Compiler: "typedef struct { ...} X;" should use "X" as the type name (fix null pointer passed to buffer::Push().
- Allow mix "struct" and "class" declarations:
struct X;
class X // --> error in POP-C++ 1.1.
- Add PAROC_RSH environment to the runtime allowing the user to specify the "rsh" command to start the execution on a specific host.
- JobMgr::Exec: now the query of "jobmgr" can return a consequence of commands.
- paroc_setup: local command to submit jobs will be in front of "webrun" in jobmgr.conf (avoid problem on starting the jobmgr service.
- Support pure virtual methods and pure class. Pure class can not create the object.
parclass PureClass=0 {...}
- If no constructor is specified, add the default one so that the object can be created
- Compiler: add "#pragma interface/broker/object = newbaseclass" directive to define new base class for interface, broker and object
- paroc_interface: add paroc_Dispatch and paroc_Response methods. The compiler will call this method to send/recv requuests
- Detect reference loop and automatically free the object (ObjectMonitor)
- Add option "-constructor=id" to object executable to automatically construct default object
- AppCoreService will load add-on services (RegisterService/QueryService interfaces) specified in etc/appservice.conf
- Update the parser to parse the template types.
- Support for marshalling C++ STL types: vector, list and dequeue
- Update the parser to parse the template types.
- Support for marshalling C++ STL types: vector, list and dequeue
- JobMgr: rename and change "fixnode" to "nodetype" of NodeInfo.
- JobMgr: All non static nodes will be remove from neighbor list upon forwarding failures (Forwarding method).
- POP-C++ parser: sequential class can now derive from a "struct" type. POP-C++ 1.0 will generate an error in this situation.
- Add "JobCoreService" parclass that provides the interface to create objects (CreateObject). JobMgr now derives from JobCoreService.
- New class "paroc_broker_factory" added to manage the list of brokers
- New compiler: on generating the broker code, popc also generates an object of type "paroc_broker_factory" for the corresponding broker. This object's constructor will be executed before the "main" which will register the current broker. Therefore, no need to declare the "@pack". Instead, just add the .ph (or .stub.o) file to the compiler to generate the object code.
- New intermediate C++ code: the compiler generate separate code for each constructor: allocate a resource and then call a method _paroc_Construct(...) to invoke the corresponding server constructor. This will allow to customize the object creation (MPI support).
- New option of compiler to specify the start file for object. Option: "-object=<type>".
- New paroc_interface::LocalExec method: allow to create multiple objects.
- Fix potential bug when a connection is closed on the receiving thread but it is possibly still used in the serving thread: Add "Clone" method to the paroc_combox to clone the combox before passing it to the serving thread.
- Startup script: the temp key file now contains the user name to allow different users to start SXXparoc* on the same system.
- MPI support: sub dir "mpi" added to allow users to startMPI processes and attach them to parallel objects. Require: include "paroc_mpi.h" and add "-object=mpi" on generating object executables.