Investigating the randomness of humans with numbers since 2015
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A project about 'random' numbers

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HuRandom is developed and tested on Arch Linux with python --version 3.4.2 or 2.7.9, and flask.__version__ 0.10.1. Your mileage may vary.


Fully functional! Live at

Development [with Docker]

First edit the config file

$ cp huRandom/ huRandom/
$ <text-editor> huRandom/
$ Edit config settings appropriately

To build an image, run:

$ docker build -t elijahcaine/hurandom .

To run the container, use:

$ docker run -p 5000:5000 elijahcaine/hurandom

To develop in the container:

$ docker run -i -t elijahcaine/hurandom /bin/bash

Development [without Docker]

To develop without Docker run:

$ cp huRandom/ huRandom/
$ <text-editor> huRandom/  # create and edit the config file
Edit config settings appropriately
$ export HURANDOM_SETTINGS=huRandom/ # add settings to your env
$ virtualenv huRandom               # create a python virtualenv
$ soruce huRandom/bin/activate      # source the virtualenv 
$ pip install -r requirements.txt   # install python pacakges
$ python huRandom/           # sets up database
$ python huRandom/       # run the application!

You may also need to install sqlite3 and/or python3.


  1. To study the relationship between people and randomness through crowdsourced information e.g., 'Please think of a random number and enter it in the text box below.'
  2. To share this information with users with easily accessible data.
  3. To learn

More Information

If you would like to know more about the project or contact the author of HuRandom ping pop on or email elijahcainemv@gmail.

HuRandom is licenced under the MIT Licence (MIT) Copyright © 2015 Elijah Caine McDade-Voigt


Elijah Caine Ian Kronquist