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Rent That Bike! example

Examples for the main application built incrementally in my book "Learning AngularJS for .Net Developers"

Examples index

Chapter 2: Creating an AngularJS Client-side Application in Visual Studio

Example 8 - Added initial application skeleton with main menu and routing. Source
Example 9 - The Bicycles index view. Source
Example 10 - The Bicycles new view with AngularJS form validation. Source
Example 11 - The Bicycles edit view. Source
Example 12 - The Customers views. Source
Example 13 - The Rentals views. Source

Chapter 3: Creating .NET Web Services for AngularJS

Example 5 - GET, POST /bicycles web service methods with automatic validation. Source
Example 6 - PUT /bicycles/id web service method with automatic validation. Source
Example 6 reduced - Automatic validation simplification. Source
Example 7 - Using ngResource to call web services. Source

Chapter 4: Creating an AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, and ServiceStack Application

Example 1 - Added ASP.NET MVC and integrated with ServiceStack. Source
Example 2 - Basic AngularJS HTML5 routing. Source
Example 3 - Enabled ASP.NET MVC bundling and minification for JavaScript and CSS files. Source
Example 4 - Unified dependency injection for ASP.NET MVC and ServiceStack. Source
Example 5 - Configured ServiceStack security infrastructure. Added an ASP.NET MVC login page using the ServiceStack security infrastructure. Source
Example 6 - Pushing server side data to the AngularJS application. Source
Example 7 - Handling the waiting time for long operations. Source
Example 8 - Adding a $http interceptor. Source
Example 9 - Implementing spinner animations for all web service calls. Source
Example 10 - Adding database persistence to the AuthFeature ServiceStack plugin. Source
Example 11 - Adding database persistence for the bicycles web service. Source

Chapter 5: Testing and Debugging AngularJS Applications

Example 1 - Using karma with Node.js Tools for Visual Studio and adding the first AngularJS test. Source
Example 2 - Mocking remote server calls with $httpBackend. Source
Example 3 - Using Protractor with Node.js Tools for Visual Studio and writing end to end tests. Source
Example 4 - Writing web services tests with xBehave.net. Source
Example 5 - Unit testing .NET code with xUnit.net and xBehave.net. Source
Example 6 - HTML5 validation for AngularJS markup. Source
Example 7 - Adding Internet Explorer 8 and 9 support. Source

Chapter 6: Advanced AngularJS Topics

Example 1 - Using the ngLocale module. Source
Example 2 - Using the angular-dynamic-locale module. Source
Example 3 - Using AngularJS animations. Source
Example 4 - Using JSONP. Source
Example 5 - Using CORS. Source
Example 6 - Template caching. Source