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Popcorn Time Ru API server

It's API server, you don't need this for watch films. Just download client from project page ( For english films you may simply put as the Custom API Server in the advanced settings if you use the official Popcorn Time app (0.4.4+git), but for films in other languages you need fork client.

If you want add some trackers or create self server - then fork it.

It's hosted in free tier google cloud - search is slow - no elastic and 580 mb ram. No anime now, please extend api if you know same api for anime as tmdb for films and shows.


It's standard symfony 5 application, need nginx + php7 + mysql + cron

Examples of config files you may found in deploy folder deploy/roles/project/templates

Highly recommended configure nginx cache

git clone
composer install
bin/console doctrine:database:create
bin/console doctrine:schema:create
bin/console enqueue:setup-broker

configure cron from deploy/roles/project/templates/crontab.j2

Add .env.local vars


Configure search in config/services.yaml

if you have issues with some spiders setup tor node and configure tor proxy

bin/conole spider:run --all for init filling database

also you may setup grafana and use grafana.json for app dashboard

Ansible install

Deploy playbook for single server in deploy folder