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Commits on Feb 8, 2009
  1. @heipei

    ApplicationController: Make sure gitx installation-path exists

    heipei authored
    When trying to install the gitx symlink into /usr/local/bin, GitX would
    fail if the directory /usr/local/bin didn't exist yet. We simply call
    mkdir -p in advance, which only creates the directory if doesn't exist.
Commits on Feb 7, 2009
  1. @heipei

    diffHighlighter: Empty diffs and mode-changes

    heipei authored
    When there is no diff to display (i.e. empty-file mode-changes, deletion
    or creation) we don't draw a diff-box (div) but just list the filename.
    Also fixes a bug with mode-changes not displaying new-mode.
  2. @heipei
  3. @heipei

    diffHighlighter: Display created, but empty, plain-text files

    heipei authored
    Plain-text files which have been created are not diffed against
    /dev/null, but have a "new file mode" line. This patch catches this case
    and also highlights that the control-flow in diffHighlighter is less
    than optimal.
Commits on Feb 6, 2009
  1. @heipei

    PBGitWindowController: Default to historyViewController for bare repo

    heipei authored
    If the repository we're working on is bare and through some default
    value we are asked to display the commit-view, we simply change it back
    to history.
  2. @oyamauchi @heipei

    Fix ticket #84: disable commit view for bare repos

    oyamauchi authored heipei committed
  3. @oyamauchi @heipei

    Make finding the history/commit selector more robust.

    oyamauchi authored heipei committed
    Shouldn't assume that the selector is the first item in the toolbar; the user
    could have moved it.
  4. @dcreager @heipei

    Use <pre> tag for commit message so that whitespace displays correctly

    dcreager authored heipei committed
    The contents of the commit message is inserted into the “#message” tag
    directly.  If we use a <div> tag, then any whitespace in the commit
    message will get collapsed down into a single space as HTML requires.
    Since the CSS stylesheet calls for a monospaced font, it makes sense
    to use a <pre> tag instead, so that whitespace will be preserved.
  5. @heipei
  6. @heipei

    diffHighlighter.js: Bail out early for deleted binary/image files

    heipei authored
    If we have an image (png,jpg,...) which was deleted we cant display a
    diff or the file itself anymore. In this case the entry in the file-list
    is enough.
  7. @heipei

    diffHighlighter: Fix display for deletion of binary files

    heipei authored
    When a binary file is deleted the second filename doesn't start with b/
    but is "/dev/null". We didn't account for that.
  8. @heipei

    Allow email-addresses without the @-sign

    heipei authored
    These addresses are perfectly valid in a local scope, and GitX shouldn't
    fail anyway.
  9. @heipei

    Recognize file-mode changes correctly and display them

    heipei authored
    diffHighligher.js: Recognize file-mode changes and mark them
    history.js: Extend newfile callback by parameters for mode
    history.css: Adjust changed-span to accomodate "mode changed"
Commits on Jan 29, 2009
  1. GitX 0.6.1

    Pieter de Bie authored
  2. @anderscarling

    WebController: Set JS Controller after reloading the view

    anderscarling authored Pieter de Bie committed
    The WebKit delegate method didStartProvisionalLoadForFrame:
    is not called when reloading the frame. This caused the
    webviews to appear empty.
    We fix it by using a delegate method which is called each
    reload, as suggested by weinig in #webkit.
    This fixes Lighthouse bug #81.
Commits on Jan 28, 2009
  1. @heipei

    User manual: small typos/factual errors/missspellings

    heipei authored Pieter de Bie committed
    Signed-off-by: Johannes Gilger <>
  2. RevList: Don't rely on the presence of %x00

    Pieter de Bie authored
    The %x00 pretty specifier was only added in git v1.5.6.
    This is quite new, so we try to support older git clients in
    GitX (v1.5.4 and up). In order to do this, we need to use another
    Unfortunately, we can't use a real \0 in our argument, as that just
    cuts off our argument string. So we get the next best thing -- we use
    \01 :).
  3. @pieter

    Use new help page URL

    pieter authored
    Some while ago, gitx changed its homepage from to, and in the process the user
    manual was moved. Though there is still a redirect in place,
    it's nicer for the user if we go to the correct page at once.
  4. @pieter

    CommitView: Show linebreaks with new files

    pieter authored
    Just before releasing 0.6, I cleaned up some old code.
    In c689510 (Remove old code in Commit/Diff views),
    I removed some pre and code tags, causing new files
    in the commit view to be displayed without line breaks
Commits on Jan 26, 2009
  1. @pieter

    Update user manual for 0.6

    pieter authored
  2. @pieter

    Update site to GitX v0.6

    pieter authored
  3. @pieter

    GitX Version 0.6

    pieter authored
  4. @pieter

    Merge branch 'pu/jg/rename_detection' (early part)

    pieter authored
    * 'pu/jg/rename_detection' (early part):
      Diff: also show a binary when it's deleted
      DiffHighlighter: Properly show binary changes
      HistoryView: Prettify the file list
      Show renames changes by default
      history.css, history.js: Color changed/deleted/added/moved appendices
      Rudimentary support for renames/deletions of files
  5. @pieter
Commits on Jan 25, 2009
  1. @pieter

    Remove old code in Commit/Diff views

    pieter authored
    We used to put diffs inside a <pre><code> block,
    but no longer need to do that as we now use tables anyway.
    We changed the code for the History view, but not for the
    other two views.
  2. @pieter

    DiffHighlighter: Properly show binary changes

    pieter authored
    Binary changes don't have a +++ / --- line, just like
    a 100% rename doesn't show any changes. We work around
    this in much the same way -- by reading the filenames
    for that specific case.
  3. @pieter

    HistoryView: Prettify the file list

    Kim Does authored pieter committed
  4. @pieter
  5. @pieter
  6. @pieter

    HistoryView: Use the realSha for the searchfield predicate

    pieter authored
    This still used the old sha value that we used before switching
    to libgit2, and thus caused  searching for sha's to fail
  7. @pieter

    Show renames changes by default

    pieter authored
    Now that we have support to show file renames, we can
    enable it by default in all the diffs that we use.
  8. @heipei @pieter

    history.css, history.js: Color changed/deleted/added/moved appendices

    heipei authored pieter committed
    Signed-off-by: Johannes Gilger <>
  9. @pieter

    Rudimentary support for renames/deletions of files

    pieter authored
    diffHighlighter.js, history.js: Distinguish created, renamed, changed and deleted files and display them accordingly
  10. @pieter

    Update release notes

    pieter authored
  11. @pieter

    WebHistoryView: Don't try to display PDF files anymore

    pieter authored
    This used to work, but it probably changed with 1.5.6 or something,
    so let's just remove PDF support
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