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# TODO: protect against source folder as out target during watch routine
fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
coffee = require 'coffee-script'
stylus = require 'stylus'
# less = require 'less'
uglify = require 'uglify-js'
_ = require 'underscore'
growl = require 'growl'
{log} = console
target = require './target'
file = require './file'
term = require './terminal'
CONFIG = 'build.json'
module.exports = class Builder
JS: 'js'
CSS: 'css'
RE_JS_SRC_EXT: /\.coffee|\.js$/
RE_CSS_SRC_EXT: /\.styl|\.less$/
RE_IGNORE_FILE: /^[_|\.]|[-|\.]min\./
constructor: ->
@config = null
@base = null
@jsSources =
locations: []
byPath: {}
count: 0
@cssSources =
locations: []
byPath: {}
count: 0
@jsTargets = []
@cssTargets = []
compile: (configpath) ->
@_initialize configpath
watch: (configpath) ->
@_initialize configpath
deploy: (configpath) ->
@_initialize configpath
_initialize: (configpath) ->
unless @initialized
# Load configuration file
if @_loadConfig(configpath)
if @_validBuildType @JS
# Generate source cache
@_parseSourceFolder(path.resolve(@base, source), null, @jsSources) for source in @config.js.sources
# Generate build targets
for item in config.js.targets
if target = @_targetFactory(, target.out, @JS)
@jsTargets.push target
if @_validBuildType @CSS
# Generate source cache
@_parseSourceFolder(path.resolve(@base, source), null, @cssSources) for source in @config.css.sources
# Generate builds
# jsBuilds = ((new JSBuild(, target.out)) for target in config.js.targets)
@initialized = true
_loadConfig: (configpath) ->
if configpath
# Check that the supplied path is valid
configpath = path.resolve configpath
if exists = path.existsSync(configpath)
# Try default file name if directory
if fs.statSync(configpath).isDirectory()
configpath = path.join(configpath, CONFIG)
exists = path.existsSync(configpath)
unless exists
term.out "#{term.colour('ERROR [file not found]', term.RED)} #{term.colour(path.basename(configpath), term.GREY)} not found in #{term.colour(path.dirname(configpath), term.GREY)}", 2
return false
# Find the first instance of a CONFIG file based on the current working directory.
while true
dir = if dir? then path.resolve(dir, '../') else process.cwd()
configpath = path.join(dir, CONFIG)
break if path.existsSync(configpath)
# Exit if we reach the volume root without finding our file
if dir is '/'
term.out "#{term.colour('ERROR [file not found]', term.RED)} #{term.colour(CONFIG, term.GREY)} not found on this path", 2
return false
# Read and parse config settings
term.out "Loading config file #{term.colour(configpath, term.GREY)}", 2
@config = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(configpath, 'utf8'))
catch e
term.out "#{term.colour('ERROR [JSON]', term.RED)} error parsing #{term.colour(configpath, term.GREY)}", 2
return false
# Store the base directory
@base = path.dirname configpath
return true
_validBuildType: (type) ->
@config[type] and @config[type].sources and @config[type].sources.length and @config[type].targets and @config[type].targets.length
_parseSourceFolder: (dir, base, cache) ->
if base is null
# Set base directory for module package creation
base = dir
cache.locations.push dir
for item in fs.readdirSync dir
# Skip ignored files
unless item.match @RE_IGNORE_FILE
itempath = path.resolve dir, item
# Recurse child directory
@_parseSourceFolder(itempath, base, cache) if fs.statSync(itempath).isDirectory()
# Store File objects in cache
if f = @_fileFactory(itempath, base)
cache.byPath[f.filepath] = f
_fileFactory: (filepath, base) ->
# Create JS file instance
if filepath.match @RE_JS_SRC_EXT
# Skip compiled files
contents = fs.readFileSync(filepath, 'utf8')
return null if contents.match @RE_BUILT_HEADER
# Create and store File object
return new file.JSFile filepath, base, contents
# Create CSS file instance
else if filepath.match @RE_CSS_SRC_EXT
return new file.CSSFile filepath, base
else return null
_targetFactory: (input, output, type) ->
inputpath = path.resolve @base, input
outputpath = path.resolve @base, output
# Check that input is included in sources
for location in @[type + 'Sources'].locations
dir = if fs.statSync(inputpath).isDirectory() then inputpath else path.dirname(inputpath)
inSources = dir.indexOf(location) >= 0
break if inSources
# Abort if input isn't in sources
unless inSources
term.out "#{term.colour('ERROR [not found]', term.RED)} #{term.colour(input, term.GREY)} not found in sources", 2
return null
# Abort if input is directory and output is file
if fs.statSync(inputpath).isDirectory() and fs.statSync(outputpath).isFile()
term.out "#{term.colour('ERROR [invalid]', term.RED)} a file (#{term.colour(output, term.GREY)}) is not a valid output target for a directory (#{term.colour(input, term.GREY)}) input target", 2
return null
return new target[type.toUpperCase() + 'Target'] inputpath, outputpath
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