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CommonJS inspired module framework for the browser.
# Load or return cached version of requested module
require = (path) ->
m = require.modules[path] or require.modules[path += '/index']
throw "Couldn't find module for: #{path}" unless m
# Instantiate the module if it's export object is not yet defined
unless m.exports
m.exports = {} m.exports, m, m.exports, require.bind(path)
# Return the export object
# Cache of module objects
require.modules = {}
# Partial completion of the module's inner 'require' function
# Resolves paths relative to the module's current location
require.bind = (path) ->
(p) ->
return require(p) unless p.charAt(0) == '.'
# Use the module's own path to resolve relative paths
paths = path.split('/')
for part in p.split('/')
# One up if '../'
if part is '..' then paths.pop()
# One down if './'
else unless part is '.' then paths.push(part)
# Construct full path
require paths.join('/')
# Module definition function
# fn signature should be of type (module, exports, require)
require.define = (path, fn) ->
require.modules[path] = fn
# Exports
window.require = require
window.define = require.define
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