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This repo contains the source for my hugo-based blog which you'll find at

Published articles:

Date Article
Fri 2021/07/16 Team Building via Chess
Thu 2021/07/08 LXD - Container Manager
Mon 2021/07/05 My Least Used Favourite App
Mon 2021/06/14 Adrift
Wed 2021/05/26 Disabling snap Autorefresh
Mon 2021/05/17 New Pastures
Tue 2021/03/30 Diamond Rio PMP300
Thu 2021/03/25 Ubuntu 21.04 Testing Week
Wed 2021/03/24 GNOME OS 40 without GNOME Boxes
Wed 2021/03/17 Actually Upgrading Ubuntu Server
Tue 2021/03/16 Upgrading Ubuntu Server
Mon 2021/03/15 Ubuntu Wiki Reboot
Sun 2021/03/14 Linux Application Summit: Call For Papers
Sat 2021/03/13 Book Review: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)
Fri 2021/03/12 The Old Desktop Switcheroo
Thu 2021/03/11 Back In The Studio
Wed 2021/03/10 Perfect Poached Eggs
Tue 2021/03/09 Desktop Webapps
Mon 2021/03/08 Learning Dart & Flutter
Sun 2021/03/07 Finding Ubuntu Crash Reports
Sat 2021/03/06 Hirsute Yaru Call for Testing
Fri 2021/03/05 Fourty Years On
Thu 2021/03/04 Unbreaking Unbootable Ubuntu
Wed 2021/03/03 Ubuntu Voltage
Tue 2021/03/02 Updating Snap Bases
Mon 2021/03/01 You Don't Need To Ask
Sun 2021/02/28 Mix and Match Rocketbooks
Sat 2021/02/27 Snapcraft Clinic Successes
Fri 2021/02/26 Pro Breeze Air Fryer Review
Thu 2021/02/25 Snapcraft Clinic
Wed 2021/02/24 A Tale of Two Updates
Tue 2021/02/23 Book Review: Split Second
Mon 2021/02/22 Jamming with Sonobus
Sun 2021/02/21 Coffee Overload
Sat 2021/02/20 Scanning Frustration
Fri 2021/02/19 Season Fourteen
Thu 2021/02/18 Spotty Connection
Wed 2021/02/17 Migrating Two Factor Auth
Tue 2021/02/16 All Ahead Stop
Mon 2021/02/15 Going Backwards
Sun 2021/02/14 Don't Use Proposed
Sat 2021/02/13 Messaging Overload
Fri 2021/02/12 Hunting Down A New Laptop
Thu 2021/02/11 Mastodon Instances, Everywhere
Wed 2021/02/10 My Podcast Listening List
Tue 2021/02/09 Command-Line only Laptop
Mon 2021/02/08 The Allure of The Terminal
Sun 2021/02/07 Chromium on Linux
Sat 2021/02/06 Trying 'Proper' Coffee
Fri 2021/02/05 Pitchforks set to Stun
Thu 2021/02/04 Reboot Aversion
Wed 2021/02/03 Let's Go Snapping
Tue 2021/02/02 Book Review: UnPresidented
Mon 2021/02/01 Dry January 2021
Sun 2021/01/31 Late Night Linux Extra: 14 - Transcription
Sat 2021/01/30 TikTok for Breakfast
Fri 2021/01/29 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
Thu 2021/01/28 The Best Toaster
Wed 2021/01/27 Magewell HDMI Capture with ffmpeg
Tue 2021/01/26 Snapcraft GNOME Extension Update
Mon 2021/01/25 Raspberry Pi: Boot to BASIC
Sun 2021/01/24 The Black Oblong of Monospace Mystery
Sat 2021/01/23 Kingdom Rush
Fri 2021/01/22 Book Review: Off to Be the Wizard: Magic 2.0, Book 1
Thu 2021/01/21 Building Nothing
Wed 2021/01/20 Xiaomi Redmi AirDots S Review
Tue 2021/01/19 Embarrassing Bugs
Mon 2021/01/18 Upgrading Ubuntu
Sun 2021/01/17 Discovering Rocketbooks
Sat 2021/01/16 13th Twitter-versary
Fri 2021/01/15 Distrowatch is Not a Measure of Popularity
Thu 2021/01/14 Breaking my Crowdfunding Hiatus
Wed 2021/01/13 null
Tue 2021/01/12 Digital Hoarding: Ubuntu Mirror
Mon 2021/01/11 Digital Hoading: Gaming Edition
Sun 2021/01/10 My Crowdfunding Stats
Sat 2021/01/09 Two Displays and Two Computers
Fri 2021/01/08 A Problem with Notebooks
Thu 2021/01/07 Hush Keyboards with Hushboard
Wed 2021/01/06 My GNOME Tweaks
Tue 2021/01/05 Ouya was a Success
Mon 2021/01/04 Downloading Twitter Data or Not
Sun 2021/01/03 Check for Outdated Snaps
Sat 2021/01/02 Eufy RoboVac 30C Review
Fri 2021/01/01 Great Timing
Thu 2020/12/31 The Best Portable Spectrum
Wed 2020/12/30 Snap Along With Me
Tue 2020/12/29 Contributing without Code
Mon 2020/12/28 Notifications on Task Completion
Sun 2020/12/27 Double Your Network Speed with This One Trick
Sat 2020/12/26 My 'Must-Have' GNOME Extensions
Fri 2020/12/25 Keyboards, Old and New
Thu 2020/12/24 Deliciously Easy Chicken Wings Recipe
Wed 2020/12/23 Snap Tips
Tue 2020/12/22 Goodbye Pebble - Hello FitBit
Mon 2020/12/21 Blogging with Hugo
Sun 2020/12/20 Counting to 100 Million
Sat 2020/12/19 Multiple GPUs in a Skull Canyon NUC
Fri 2020/12/18 Straightforward Linux Backups with rsnapshot
Thu 2020/12/17 Spotify on the Raspberry Pi 400


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