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" File: chiery.vim
" Maintainer: popkirby <>
" License: MIT
hi clear
if exists('syntax_on')
syntax reset
let g:colors_name = 'chiery'
" Pallete: {{{
if &background == 'light'
let s:bg0 = '#f1f8e9'
let s:bg1 = '#dcedc8'
let s:bg2 = '#c5e1a5'
let s:gray0 = '#78909c'
let s:gray1 = '#b0bec5'
let s:gray2 = '#b0bec5'
let s:match = '#3a464b'
let s:fg0 = '#263238'
let s:fg1 = '#37474f'
let s:red = '#f4511e'
let s:green = '#2e7d32'
let s:orange = '#ef6c00'
let s:blue = '#1565c0'
let s:blue2 = '#42a5f5'
let s:purple = '#6a1b9a'
let s:yellow = '#ff6f00'
let s:bg0 = '#253238'
let s:bg1 = '#37474f'
let s:bg2 = '#455a64'
let s:bg_yellow = '#323825'
let s:bg_red = '#382532'
let s:gray0 = '#78909c'
let s:gray1 = '#eceff1'
let s:gray2 = '#b0bec5'
let s:match = '#0e4686'
let s:fg0 = '#f1f8e9'
let s:fg1 = '#dcedc8'
let s:red = '#f48fb1'
let s:green = '#a5d8a7'
let s:orange = '#ffcc80'
let s:blue = '#81d4fa'
let s:blue2 = '#9fa8da'
let s:purple = '#ce93d8'
let s:yellow = '#fdd835'
let s:none = 'NONE'
" }}}
" Highlight Func: {{{
" s:HL(group, guifg, guibg, gui, guisp
function! s:HL(group, fg, ...)
let fg = a:fg
if a:0 >= 1
let bg = a:1
let bg = 'NONE'
if a:0 >= 2 && strlen(a:2)
let emstr = a:2
let emstr = 'NONE,'
let histring = [ 'hi', a:group,
\ 'guifg=' . fg, 'guibg=' . bg,
\ 'gui=' . emstr[:-2], 'cterm=' . emstr[:-2], 'term=' . emstr[:-2]
\ ]
execute join(histring, ' ')
" }}}
" General UI: {{{
call s:HL('Normal', s:fg1, s:bg0)
call s:HL('Visual', s:none, s:bg2)
hi! link VisualNOS Visual
call s:HL('LineNr', s:gray0, s:bg1)
call s:HL('Cursor', s:none, s:none, 'inverse,')
call s:HL('CursorLine', s:none, s:bg1)
call s:HL('CursorLineNr', s:fg1, s:bg1)
hi! link CursorColumn CursorLine
call s:HL('MatchParen', s:none, s:match, 'underline,')
hi MatchParen ctermbg=NONE
call s:HL('ColorColumn', s:none, s:bg1)
call s:HL('TabLineFill', s:none, s:bg1)
call s:HL('TabLineSel', s:bg0, s:fg1, 'bold,')
hi! link TabLine TabLineFill
call s:HL('Search', s:yellow, s:bg0, 'inverse,')
call s:HL('IncSearch', s:orange, s:bg0, 'inverse,')
call s:HL('Underlined', s:blue, s:none, 'underline,')
call s:HL('VertSplit', s:bg2, s:bg2)
call s:HL('WildMenu', s:bg0, s:fg1, 'inverse,bold,')
hi! link Directory Underlined
call s:HL('Title', s:green, s:none, 'bold,')
call s:HL('ErrorMsg', s:bg0, s:red, 'bold,')
call s:HL('MoreMsg', s:orange, s:none, 'bold,')
call s:HL('ModeMsg', s:orange, s:none, 'bold,')
call s:HL('Question', s:orange, s:none, 'bold,')
call s:HL('WarningMsg', s:red, s:none, 'bold,')
hi! link SignColumn LineNr
call s:HL('Folded', s:fg1, s:bg1)
hi! link FoldColumn LineNr
call s:HL('SpecialKey', s:blue)
call s:HL('NonText', s:gray0)
call s:HL('Pmenu', s:fg1, s:bg1)
call s:HL('PmenuSel', s:bg1, s:orange)
call s:HL('PmenuSbar', s:none, s:fg1)
call s:HL('PmenuThumb', s:none, s:bg1)
call s:HL('SpellCap', s:none, s:bg_yellow)
call s:HL('SpellBad', s:none, s:bg_red)
" }}}
" Syntax Highlight: {{{
call s:HL('Comment', s:gray0)
call s:HL('Constant', s:purple)
call s:HL('Identifier', s:blue)
call s:HL('Funciton', s:green)
call s:HL('Statement', s:red)
call s:HL('PreProc', s:blue)
call s:HL('Type', s:blue2)
call s:HL('Structure', s:blue)
hi! link StorageClass Structure
call s:HL('Special', s:green)
call s:HL('Error', s:red, s:none, 'underline,')
call s:HL('Todo', s:orange, s:none, 'underline,')
" }}}
" diff {{{
call s:HL('DiffAdd' , s:green, s:bg1, 'inverse,')
call s:HL('DiffDelete', s:red, s:bg1, 'inverse,')
call s:HL('DiffChange', s:blue, s:bg0, 'inverse,')
call s:HL('DiffText', s:blue2, s:bg0, 'inverse,')
" }}}
" vim syntax {{{
hi! link vimVar Identifier
hi! link vimfunc Function
hi! link vimUserFunc Function
hi! link helpSpecial Special
hi! link vimSet Normal
hi! link vimSetEqual Normal
exe 'hi! vimCommand guifg=' . s:green
exe 'hi! vimCmdSep guifg=' . s:blue
exe 'hi! helpExample guifg=' . s:yellow
exe 'hi! helpOption guifg=' . s:blue
exe 'hi! helpNote guifg=' . s:purple . ' cterm=underline term=underline'
exe 'hi! helpHyperTextJump guifg=' . s:green . ' cterm=underline term=underline'
hi! link helpHyperTextEntry helpHyperTextJump
exe 'hi! vimGroup guifg=' . s:blue
" }}}
hi! link diffAdded Statement
hi! link diffLine Identifier
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