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Github Labels

Add github labels automatically.

It's very useful that init all your custom labels when create a repo.


$ npm install github-labels -g


$ labels -c path/to/conf.json user/repo

About config file, see my conf for example.

  {"name": "bug", "color": "ffffff"},
  {"name": "feature", "color": "000000"}

Your can simplify it that will generate github default color automatically.

["bug", "feature"]

Force option will delete all existing labels, otherwise will create label when not exist or update label when existing label has different color.

$ labels -c path/to/conf.json -f user/repo

GitHub Enterprise configuration

If you're using a GitHub Enterprise instance, you'll need to pass some additional parameters to target your environment

  • host - The hostname of your GHE instance.
  • pathPrefix - The path to the API. Frequently for GHE this will be /api/v3.
$ labels -c path/to/conf.json -h -p /api/v3 user/repo

You can also provide the OAuth token to be used directly via the --token parameter. This is useful when your GHE environment does not allow user/pass login.

$ labels -c path/to/conf.json -h -p /api/v3 -t PERSONAL_TOKEN_123 user/repo

Export from GitHub website

Here is a snippet to be able to export github labels from the labels page of a project

Running this code in your browser console should output your some json ready to be imported.