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Manage repository easily.
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Manage repository easily.

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How do you manage git repository?

Maybe you create a directory and clone to it. However if you want to clone repository that has same name? Or Do something in every directory like clean?

Projj provide a structure making it easy.

|  `- popomore
|     `- projj
   `- popomore
      `- projj

And you can DO everything in repository by Hook.


  • ✔︎ Add repository using projj add
  • ✔︎ Command Hook
  • ✘ Buildin Hook
  • ✔︎ Custom Hook
  • ✔︎ Run Hook in All Repositories
  • ✔︎ Git Support


Install projj globally.

$ npm i projj -g



$ projj init

Set base directory which repositories will be cloned to, default is ~/projj.

You can change base directory in ~/.projj/config.json.

Add Repository

$ projj add

it's just like git clone, but the repository will be cached by projj. You can find all repositories in ~/.projj/cache.json

also support alias which could config at alias of ~/.projj/config.json:

$ projj add github://popomore/projj


If you have some repositories in ~/code, projj can import by projj import ~/code.

Or projj can import repositories from cache.json when you change laptop by projj import --cache

Find Repository

projj provide a easy way to find the location of your repositories.

$ projj find [repo]

You can set change_directory in ~/.projj/config.json to change directory automatically.


projj sync will check the repository in cache.json whether exists, the repository will be removed from cache if not exist.


Hook is flexible when manage repositories.

Command Hook

When run command like projj add, hook will be run. preadd that run before projj add, and postadd that run after projj add.

Config hook in ~/.projj/config.json

  "hooks": {
    "postadd": "cat package.json"

Then will show the content of the package of repository.

Only support add now

Define Hook

You can define own hook.

  "hooks": {
    "hook_name": "command"

For Example, define a hook to show package.

  "hooks": {
    "show_package": "cat package.json"

Then you can use projj run show_package to run the hook in current directory.

Command can be used in $PATH, so you can use global node_modules like npm.

  "hooks": {
    "npm_install": "npm install"

Write Hook

Write a command

// clean
#!/usr/bin/env node

'use strict';

const cp = require('child_process');
const cwd = process.cwd();
const config = JSON.parse(process.env.PROJJ_HOOK_CONFIG);
if (config.node_modules === true) {
  cp.spawn('rm', [ '-rf', 'node_modules' ]);

You can get PROJJ_HOOK_CONFIG from projj if you have defined in ~/.projj/config.json.

  "hooks": {
    "clean": "clean"
  "clean": {
    "node_modules": true

Run Hook

projj run clean in current directory.

projj runall clean in every repositories from cache.json



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