A Roxen Application Launcher written in Vala
M4 Vala Shell Makefile


Roxen Application Launcher for Linux

For those fortunate enough working with Roxen CMS, Roxen Application Launcher lets you edit files on a remote Roxen CMS server in your preferred desktop application.

This Roxen Application Launcher is primarily for the GNOME desktop, but it builds fine in KDE as well, and is written in the programming language Vala which isn't needed per se if this is the distribution package which will build from the C sources that was generated by the Vala compiler.


Getting started

Distribution friendly sources (doesn't require Vala to build) can be found under Releases

To build run:

name@machine:~$ ./configure
name@machine:~$ make
name@machine:~$ make install


Name Version Library
GLib 2.42.2 libglib
GTK 3.12.2 libgtk3.0
SOUP 2.46.0 libsoup2.4
GIO 2.22.0 glib-networking
GDK Pixbuf 2.30.8 libgdk-pixbuf2.0
Notify 0.7.6 libnotify

This is what's in Ubuntu 14.10.

Build from Vala sources

If you build from the Vala sources Vala 0.24 is required.

# Pontus Östlund - 2015-08-21