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The original DasBlog reimagined with ASP.NET Core
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The DasBlog Blogging Engine reintroduced with ASP.NET Core

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Core Tenets - "This we believe"

  • We want to pragmatically reuse core DasBlog projects where feasible (includes reusing existing config files).
  • Do not be afraid to abandon features/projects that are easily solved with a NuGet package (Pop3, CAPTCHA, Noda Time, etc.)
  • Let's use Razor for "Themes"
  • Port the custom logging solution to use .NET Core
  • DI all the things (avoid massive static objects)
  • WISH: Build on Linux (clone/build)
  • WISH: Docker version with XML files outside in volume mount

Installing the development tools

You can find more specific installation steps for Windows development here


In order to build the DasBlog Core, ensure that you have Git installed.

Fork the repo:

git clone[YOUR_GITHUB_ID]/dasblog-core

Change to the "source" directory and open the DasBlog All.sln and perform a build.


Currently the most efficient way to deploy dasblog-core is by following the Overview of deployment in Visual Studio.

Configuration settings are as follows:

  • Configuration: Release
  • netcoreapp2.1
  • Self -Contained
  • win-x64

So far deployment to Azure and to a .NET based hosting service provider worked fine, via Web Deploy and FTP respectively. If you have additional questions or concerns please submit an issue.

What we have completed so far...

  • Upgraded all existing projects to 4.7.2 (for .NET Standard 2 support)
  • Created a new ASP.NET Web Core 2 project that shows the blogs home page with posts
  • Integrated ViewLocationExpanders to support "Themes"
  • AddIISUrlRewrite middleware to support 301 redirects for static ".aspx" (archives.aspx, monthview.aspx, etc.)
  • Integrate existing dasBlog config (meta, security, site, etc)
  • Integrate with original DasBlog layer via Manager classes
  • Support for RSS and RSS by category
  • Support for Sitemap
  • Support for paging e.g. page/1, page/2, etc.
  • Add/Edit/Delete blog posts
  • Add Comments
  • Support for Live Writer
  • Security and User Management
  • Selenium integration


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