Node.js templating engine with fresh air
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Templating with some fresh air

Edge is a logical templating engine for Node.js. The syntax language is naturally similar to Javascript, making it simpler to write and remember.

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  1. Beautiful Syntax
  2. Encourages component based layout
  3. Runtime debugging via chrome devtools.
  4. Helpful error messages
  5. Support for Layouts
  6. Extraction markup via Partials.

The official documentation will soon be published on


const edge = require('edge.js')

// configure cache
  cache: process.env.NODE_EV === 'production'

// register views
edge.registerViews(path.join(__dirname, 'views'))

// render view

Running Tests

# just the tests
npm run test:local

# tests + report coverage on coveralls
npm run test

# run tests on windows
npm run test:win

# tests with local coverage report
npm run coverage

Running Benchmarks

Make sure to install nunjucks before running benchmarks in comparison to nunjucks.

node benchmarks/loop.js
node benchmarks/conditionals.js