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Poppy Project

Openhardware and opensource ecosystem for robotics


  1. pypot Public

    Python library for controlling dynamixel motors. Documentation available here:

    Python 237 132

  2. 🤖 Poppy Ergo Jr is an open-source robotic arm based on modular 3D printed conception and low-cost XL-320 motors.

    Jupyter Notebook 151 74

  3. Poppy Humanoid is an open-source and 3D printed humanoid robot. Optimized for research and education purposes, its modularity allows for a wide range of applications and experimentations.

    Jupyter Notebook 483 195

  4. poppy-docs Public

    Documentation of the whole poppy platform

    CSS 30 31

  5. raspoppy Public

    Utility tools to setup a Raspberry Pi board for a Poppy Creature

    Shell 21 16

  6. poppy-simu Public

    A web browser viewer for poppy robots with threejs

    JavaScript 15 11


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