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Poppy Humanoid Robot Assembly Guide

Author : Manon Cortial, Génération Robots

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The Poppy project

Poppy is an open hardware and open-source robotics project. It has been designed to allow researchers and students to easily remove and replace some parts of the body.

For example, different leg shapes have been tested on the Poppy Humanoid robot to make the robot walk.


Safety warning

The Poppy humanoid robot is built using mainly MX-28 Dynamixel servomotors, which are pretty powerful and may be harmful to your fingers or materials.

So be very careful and put the robot in a free space while testing your programs.

About this documentation

This documentation will guide you through the complete assembly of a Poppy Humanoid robot, giving your links to the instruction videos, but also pictures of all the parts to help you name them and assembly tips

Get started by reading a bit about Dynamixel servomotors and how to assemble them (Dynamixel Hardware) and also how to set the right parameters for them (Addressing Dynamixel).

Please don’t hesitate to comment and correct this documentation on the Poppy forum, on the dedicated topic.


Useful links

Assembly instructions

Bill of Material:

Forum and docs