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The pypot library provides a REST API which can be used to access the Robot level and all its attached motors, sensors, and primitives. Through the REST API, you can:

  • Motors
    • get the motors list and get/set value from/to their registers
  • Sensors:
    • get the sensors list and get/set value from/to their registers
  • Primitives:
    • get the primitives list (running or not), start, stop, pause, and resume them.
    • you can also access their publicly available properties and methods.

Note that only the defined as publicly available registers or methods will be accessed through the REST API. Please refer to the note for developers below for details.


Please note that all answers are always sent as json dictionary.



HTTP JSON Example of answer
Get the motors list GET /motor/list.json {"robot": {"get_motors_list": {"alias": "motors"}}} {'motors': ["l_elbow_y", "r_elbow_y", "r_knee_y", "head_y", "head_z"]}
Get the motors alias list GET /motor/alias/list.json {"robot": {"get_motors_alias": {}}} {'alias': ["r_leg", "torso", "l_leg_sagitall"]}
Get the motors list of a specific alias GET /motor/<alias>/list.json {"robot": {"get_motors_list": {"alias": ""}}} {: ["l_elbow_y", "r_elbow_y", "r_knee_y", "head_y", "head_z"]}
Get the registers list of a specific motor GET /motor/<motor_name>/register/list.json {"robot": {"get_registers_list": {"motor": "<motor_name>"}}} {'registers': ["goal_speed", "compliant", "present_load", "id"]}
Get the register value GET /motor/<motor_name>/register/<register_name> {"robot": {"get_register_value": {"motor": "<motor_name>", "register": "<register_name>"}}} {"present_position": 30}
Set new value to a register POST /motor/<motor_name>/register/<register_name>/value.json {"robot": {"set_register_value": {"motor": "<motor_name>", "register": "<register_name>", "value": {"arg1": "val1", "arg2": "val2", "...": "..."}}} {}


Similar to the motor API. You just replace motor by sensor (for the moment there is no alias for sensors).


HTTP JSON Example of answer
Get the primitives list GET /primitive/list.json {"robot": {"get_primitives_list": ""}} {'primitives': ["stand_up", "sit", "head_tracking"]}
Get the running primitives list GET /primitive/running/list.json {"robot": {"get_running_primitives_list": ""}} {'primitives': ["head_tracking"]}
Start a primitive GET /primitive/<prim>/start.json {"robot": {"start_primitive": {"primitive": ""}}} {}
Stop a primitive GET /primitive/<prim>/stop.json {"robot": {"stop_primitive": {"primitive": ""}}} {}
Pause a primitive GET /primitive/<prim>/pause.json {"robot": {"pause_primitive": {"primitive": ""}}} {}
Resume a primitive GET /primitive/<prim>/resume.json {"robot": {"resume_primitive": {"primitive": ""}}} {}
Get the primitive properties list GET /primitive/<prim>/property/list.json {"robot": {"get_primitive_properties_list": {"primitive": ""}}} {"property": ["filter", "smooth"]}
Get a primitive property value GET /primitive/<prim>/property/ {"robot": {"get_primitive_property": {"primitive": "", "property": ""}}} {"sin.amp": 30.0}
Set a primitive property value POST /primitive/<prim>/property//value.json {"robot": {"set_primitive_property": {"primitive": "", "property": "", "args": {"arg1": "val1", "arg2": "val2", "...": "..."}}}} {}
Get the primitive methods list GET /primitive/<prim>/method/list.json {"robot": {"get_primitive_methods_list": {"primitive": ""}}} {"methods": ["get_tracked_faces", "start", "stop", "pause", "resume"]}
Call a method of a primitive POST /primitive/<prim>/method/<meth>/args.json {"robot": {"call_primitive_method": {"primitive": "", "method": "", "args": {"arg1": "val1", "arg2": "val2", "...": "..."}}}}

Note for developers

In order to publicly available through the REST API, the registers of the motors/sensors and the properties/methods of the primitives should be added to specific lists.

More precisely, the Motor class sets the registers list (similarly for the Sensor class) and the Primitives uses the methods and properties list.

Those are class variables and can be extended when defining your own subclasses (see the Sinus primitive as an example).