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Rewrite of popstas/nodemcu-httpserver-ws2812 with MQTT, OTA updates and lighter httpserver
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MQTT LED Strip, see last video here -


  • Control ws2812 led strip over MQTT
  • Control by defined segment
  • New year mode


Connect LED strip to D4.

Setup NodeMCU

  1. Flash firmware (see user_modules.h for nodemcu-firmware), use nodemcu-firmware v3.1+ for avoid memory leaks.
  2. Rename config_secrets.default.lua to config_secrets.lua
  3. Upload files:
make upload_all

OTA update (v1)

You can send POST request to /ota with filename and content data. HTTP request processed with http-request.lua from marcoskirsch/nodemcu-httpserver.

OTA client

Setup client with npm install. Or better use


You can see basic info on /health

OTA update (v2)

Telnet based OTA server consumes much less RAM:

  • after start: 7K -> 2K
  • during upload: 2K -> ~0
  • after upload leak: 500 bytes -> 50 bytes

Other improvements:

  • upload more faster (about 1 second for file)
  • check file size after upload
  • replace file only after success upload

Upload process:

  1. Receive command, aborting previous command
  2. Receive command arguments
  3. Receive body (file contents)
  4. Finalize: check, replace file

Process protocol:

  • #!cmd:name - start command 'name' execute
  • #!arg:name=value - add argument, after command, before
  • #!body - start body
  • ... - any content, except #!endbody, receive body bytes
  • #!endbody - end of body, finalize

OTA v2 commands:

  • upload - upload file. Arguments: filename, length (file size)

OTA v2 client

Use nodemcu-ota-uploader upload filename.lua

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