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Bootstrap project for Apigee Edge api development.
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Apigee Bootstrap

Api framework for Apigee Edge api development and continuous deployment.

The goal of this project is to provide the blueprint code setup which includes the best practices for rapid api development lifecycle on Apigee Edge platform.

Apigee Bootstrap framework contains

  • Api deployment automation via Maven and Apigee deploy plugin
  • Platform setup as code via Apigee config Maven plugin
  • Continuous Integration setup with pipeline examples for Jenkins & Circleci
  • Dynamic endpoint configuration across multiple environments via version controlled key value maps.
  • Optimised for Api performance and low latency in Apigee Edge.
  • Api Error handling and management framework.
  • Build around TDD (test driven development) and BDD (behaviour driven development) principles.
  • Correlation id generation / propagation examples.
  • Logging output / integration to multiple platforms. Loggly, Elastic

How to deploy?

Apigee Edge bootstrap api project is set for deployment with Maven. Its using Apigee Maven and Apigee Config Maven plugins for deploying api and environment specific setup (target servers, kvm's, etc).

Deploy API bundle

mvn install -P{environment name} -Dorganization={Apigee org name} -Dusername={Apigee username} -Dpassword={Apigee password}

Deploy environment settings

mvn apigee-config:targetservers -P{environment name} -Dorganization={Apigee org name} -Dapigee.config.options=update 
mvn apigee-config:caches -P{environment name} -Dorganization={Apigee org name} -Dapigee.config.options=update 
mvn apigee-config:kvms -P{environment name} -Dorganization={Apigee org name} -Dapigee.config.options=update  

How to run tests?

TDD api testing practices are implemented using Cucumberjs.

Maven deployment will run tests automatically. To run tests manually use


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Feedback and pull requests to this project are very welcome.

OSS Licensing

This project comes with GPLv3 open source license. We are happy to provide full commercial license for your business. Contact us.

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