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Automate API mocking with WireMock and Terraform

This project contains the source code used in Popularowl tutorial - How to automatically setup and manage api mocks

How to use this code?

This is Terraform project. It will install and configure a single virtual server on Digital Ocean cloud platform (with preintalled Docker CE).

Before running this Terraform project you have to create public ssh key on Digital Ocean platform and export the value.

You also have to generate Digital Ocean access token and export it as the environment variable on local machine.

export TF_VAR_token=xxxxxxxxx
export TF_VAR_ssh_fingerprint=xxxxxxxxx

Build Docker container

docker build -t popularowl/wiremock-slim .

Create & Destroy

After the above setup steps are completed you can use terraform and do the following

terrafrom init #initialize project & download dependencies
terraform plan #see what terraform is planning to do
terraform apply #create and configure the instances
terraform destroy #destroy all cloud resources

maintained by @popularowl

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