A simple mp3 player plugin for Rails 3
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Here's an mp3_player plugin for Rails 3.

To install:

rails plugin install git://github.com/sekrett/mp3_player.git

To setup:

rails generate mp3_player

This adds player.swf and audio-player.js to public/. You may use --skip-swfobject to add audio-player-noswfobject.js, if your layout already has included swfobject like this:

<%= javascript_include_tag 'http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/swfobject/2.2/swfobject.js' %>

In your layout add:

<%= mp3_player_headers %>

It will automatically detect, which js file you have generated and include it.

Example Usage

To check player is working simply add:

<%= mp3_player("http://github.com/sekrett/mp3_player/raw/master/test.mp3") %>

to your view.

If you're using paperclip:

<%= mp3_player @my_model.mp3.url %>

Additionally, if you want to go the super simple route, you can just use google's MP3 player with the following helper (you can use this even without doing the whole “rails generate mp3_player” thing)

<%= google_mp3_player @my_model.mp3.url %>


You may specify extra options (all colors should be expressed as hexadecimal values minus the '#'. eg.

<%= mp3_player @my_model.mp3.url, { bg: "99FFFF", text: 'FF0000') %>

For a complete list of options see documentation at wpaudioplayer.com/standalone.

This plugin is based on the Audio Player 2.0 by Martin Laine (wpaudioplayer.com/standalone)

Thanks to Matt Ittigson (github.com/mattenat) for inspiring changes to help support paperclip.

Copyright © 2009 Gavin Morrice (handyrailstips.com), released under the MIT license

Copyright © 2010 Alexander Zubkov (github.com/sekrett), released under the MIT license