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Augmented reality for Processing
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examples updated to processing 3 final. Oct 1, 2015

PapAR is becoming PapARt

PapAR was PapARt without depth camera nor projection. PapARt is a larger processing library for Augmented Reality. The ease of use is the same. It works with many camera, and depth cameras.

Please switch to PapARt for your code and issues !

Library: PapARt Examples: PapARt examples

PapAR screenshot

How to use.

Have a look at the Quick start guide.


  • Augmented reality rendering (see through augmented reality).
  • Sketch-like multi-rendering: each physical object can have its own rendering.
  • Large camera support: Processing + OpenCV + FlyCapture + OpenKinect.
  • Open source License and closed-source license.
  • Tested on Linux, and previous versions on Windows and OSX. We aim also ARM Linux (Rasperry PI) and Android.
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