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Papart library examples.

Here are the Papart examples, to show atomic features. Papart stands for PAPer Augmented Reality Toolkit. The core library is available on this repository.

Goal of these examples.

These examples are Processing sketches (PDE files), they demonstrate uses of the PapARt framework. If you want to use it without coding with the Processing IDE, you can load them from emacs, atom, and many other text editors with the right configuration. You can also do standard Java programs following this example.

What is new ?

  • The community and commercial support are now availble on the forum.
  • The examples now have two versions, one for “classical” AR and one for Spatial Augmented Reality (with projectors). They share most of the examples, we removed the SAR examples from master. You can still check them out in the branch 1.2.

The quick start guide is nearly ready. Tutorials are also in progress.


Research project

This library and examples are the result of research projects from Inria and Bordeaux University.

Video from the research project:

What are the branches ?

  • master: stable version, with latest patches. It is compatible with 1.1, and 1.2. Examples are configured for “best use”, so some are switched for SAR.
  • 1.1: stable version for see-through augmented reality. Distributed with the PapARt community library.
  • 1.2: stable version for Spatial Augmented Reality. Distributed with PapARt for RealityTech hardware.
  • Delevop, feature-abc*, contrib-toto : development branches.


This code is free software, built for Processing and PapARt. It is originally propriety of Inria, Bordeaux University and RealityTech. Contributions, pull requests are welcomed if you accept to distribute it with the same open source licence: LGPL, or CeCILL-B.