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Post-commit hook GitHub Push Integration

This is a sample project that shows how to setup Business Central to automatically push every content change to GitHub.

How to build

Clone this repository and build it locally, for this you need Git, Maven and JDK 8.

$ git clone
$ cd bc-git-integration-push
$ mvn clean install
$ mkdir -p $APP_SERVER_HOME/hooks/ && cp target/git-push-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar $APP_SERVER_HOME/hooks/

How to setup

Create a .github file in your home directory, with the following content:


Then create the post-commit hook template for Business Central and, finally, start the Business Central with the org.uberfire.nio.git.hooks properly set.

$ echo "#\!/bin/bash\njava -jar $APP_SERVER_HOME/hooks/git-push-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" > hooks/post-commit
$ chmod 755 hooks/post-commit
$ ./bin/ -c standalone-full.xml -Dorg.uberfire.nio.git.hooks=$APP_SERVER_HOME/hooks/

Important note: remember to replace $APP_SERVER_HOME by the real path of your application server home, in my case: /Users/porcelli/jboss-eap-7.2/.


This code is released under Apache 2 License.

Check LICENSE file for more information.