Sample code for the LR4 USB laser range finder from Porcupine Labs.
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LR4 Sample Apps

Porcupine Labs

LR4 Demo Apps - Rev 6 (Feb 11, 2018)

This repository contains demo applications along with full source for each. These applications demonstrate programming techniques for interfacing to an LR4 Laser Rangefinder board from Porcupine Labs.

The latest version is available at:

To learn more about the LR4 USB laser rangefinder or buy one go here:

If you just want to run the Windows sample apps without getting into source code, then download and then unzip the contents to a folder on your Windows computer.

These top level folders contain source code relevant to various OSs and environments:

Arduino - Simple example of how to read measurements from the LR4 into an Arduino board using the Arduino's serial interface.

Linux - Simple Linux apps written in C, prints measurements to stdout.

Matlab - A DLL and H file for use with Matlab.

Python - Two simple Python programs, one uses Python's native usb module to talk to the LR4, the second uses a Windows DLL.

Windows - Several apps:

  • LRDemo - This is a full featured Windows MFC appliaction that demostrates all of the features of the LR4.

  • LRSimple - A minimalist command prompt app that contains the bare minimum code to read measurements from an LR4. This is the place to start if you want to build your features on top of this demo software.

  • LRLog - A command prompt app that logs data from the rangefinder to a CSV file. Each measurement is date and time stamped with millisecond precision.

  • LRMulti - Demostrates how to work with multiple LR4 devices attached to a single PC. This app lists all attached LR4 devices along with their serial numbers, then data is collected from each rangefinder and displayed.

  • LRMultiLog - Opens all LR4 devices and logs data from each one in a separate CSV file along with a date/time stamp.

  • LRTimeLog - Used for logging measurements at longer intervals longer than 30 seconds. The laser is off most of the time, and only turned on while taking a measurement.