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Forked mod of PlainTasks, an opinionated todo-list plugin for Sublime Text 2, with OmniFocus Stylings

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Forked mod of PlainTasks, an opinionated todo-list plugin for Sublime Text 2, with OmniFocus Stylings

This has only been tested on a Mac. For a much better, more universal experience, go check out Allen Bargi's original PlainTasks.


To install this plugin clone source code to Sublime Text 2 packages folder, in Mac it is ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages.

Start a new todo-list

Bring up the command palette (it's ⌘ + shift + p in OS X and ctrl + shift + p in Windows) and type task and select Tasks: New document command.

NOTE: Save your todo files with todo, todolist, tasks or taskpaper file extensions or just name them TODO with no extension.


NOTE: In windows or Linux use ctrl instead of

enter or ⌘ + i: new task

⌘ + enter or return on the numpad: blank carriage return

⌘ + d: toggle task as completed. You can also use your mouse to mark a task a completed. just hold down (or ctrl if you're on Windows or Linux) and click the task. Clicking again will toggle the task back to the pending state.

⌘ + shift + a will archive the done tasks, by removing them from your list and appending them to the bottom of the file under Archive project

☐ Anything with colon at the end of the line is a project title, you can also nest projects by indenting them.

☐ You can write plain text as notes or descriptions wherever you want.

☐ You can add tags using @ sign

☐ PlainTasks comes with a simple snippet for creating separators, if you feel that your task list is becoming too long you can split it into several sections (and fold some of them) using this snippet:

-- and then tab key will give you this: --- ✄ -----------------------

Editor Useful Tools:

☐ Use ⌘ + control + up/down (ctrl+shift+up/down on Windows) to move tasks up and down.

☐ Use ⌘ + r to see a list of projects and quickly jump between them

★ See the Tutorial for more detailed information.


PlainTasks is an opinionated plugin, which means that it is highly configured to look in a specific way. but this does not mean that you can not customize it. If you feel that something does not look right and you want to change it, you can easily do it in your user settings file.

Go to Preferences > Package Settings > PlainTasks and open Settings - User, there you can override all the default settings. to get an idea you can take a look at Settings - Default.

Here is a list of PlainTasks' specific settings:

  • open_tasks_bullet
    Default: ☐
    other valid options: - ❍ ❑ ■ □ ☐ ▪ ▫ – — ≡ → ›

  • done_tasks_bullet
    Default: ✔
    other valid options: + ✓

  • date_format
    Default: (%y-%m-%d %H:%M)

  • done_tag
    Default: true Determines whether done tasks should gain a @done tag or not

[BONUS] Custom todo icon

PlainTasks comes with a custom todo icon that you can find in the icons folder. You can assign it to your todo files to give them a better look and distinguish them from other plain text files. Google and find out how to assign a custom icon to a file type in your operating system.




Copyright 2012 Allen Bargi. Licensed under the MIT License


Forked mod of PlainTasks, an opinionated todo-list plugin for Sublime Text 2, with OmniFocus Stylings






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