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Apache module for handling dynamic virtualhost configuration
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An Apache module for configuring virtualhosts from LDAP backend.


  • Apache processes run as the user/group defined in LDAP. Any scripts run via mod_php also run as the user/group
  • Apache processes chrooted to path set from LDAP (optional)
  • PHP options can be set dynamically from LDAP at runtime (no Apache restart)
  • VirtualHosts can be added/removed/modified at runtime (no Apache restart)
  • minimal Apache config


  • Apache httpd >= 2.2 + devel libraries, mod_ldap
  • OpenLDAP server
  • Apache mpm-itk (optional)
  • mod_php + PHP devel libraries (optional)

To compile the module from source requires the GNU build tools: make gcc. The Apache apxs utility is also needed: on Redhat distros this can be found in the httpd-devel package


Install any of the optional components as required: mod_php, mpm-itk etc

  • Download and unpack the mod_vhostx zip file from Github
  • As root user, run make followed by make install (some modification of Makefile may be required depending on your environment).
  • Update Apache httpd.conf configuration as described below
  • Restart Apache


The following configuration directives can be used inside <Virtualhost /> context

Key Values Default Description
EnableVhx on,off off Enable virtualhost lookups
vhx_PathPrefix e.g /home/web - Prepend this path to DocumentRoot (ignored when chroot enabled)
vhx_NotFoundRedirect e.g. - If a host is not found in the database redirect to this URL
vhx_WWWMode on,off off If a host is not found, prepend 'www.' to the hostname and try again
vhx_PHPOpenBasedir on,off off Set PHP open_basedir to include DocumentRoot path
vhx_PHPOptFromDb on,off off Set PHP ini values from database. A list of valid options can be found here
vhx_PHPOpenBasedirCommon e.g. /tmp - Append this path to open_basedir
vhx_ITKEnable on, off off Enable mpm-itk support
vhx_ChrootEnable on, off off Enable chroot of Apache process using path from database (requires mpm-itk)
vhx_LDAPBindDN - Bind DN for LDAP user
vhx_LDAPBindPassword - Bind Password for LDAP user
vhx_LDAPDereferenceAliases never, always, searching, finding always
vhx_LDAPUrl - LDAP Server connection string. Uses standard URL syntax

An example Apache config is as follows:

# This needs to load after mod_php otherwise we get 'undefined symbol: zend_alter_ini_entry' 
LoadModule vhostx_module    modules/

<VirtualHost *:80>
 <IfModule vhostx_module>
   EnableVhx On
   vhx_WWWMode On
   vhx_LDAPUrl "ldap://,ou=Web,dc=foobar???(&(apacheVhostEnabled=yes)(objectClass=vhostx))"
   vhx_LDAPBindDN "cn=admin,dc=foobar"
   vhx_LDAPBindPassword "xxxxyyyy"
   vhx_PHPOptFromDb On
   vhx_ITKEnable On


See LDAP documentation


See PHP documentation


See Logs documentation


To see additional debug in error.log, compile with the VH_DEBUG flag (see Makefile), and set Apache's log level to debug.


The code is a fork of Xavier Beaudouin's mod_vhs. mod_vhs provides more options than I required, so I've stripped out a lot of unneeded code in an effort keep it clean and maintainable.

vhx_PHPOptFromDb code from Cosmomill's mod_vhs fork and Igor Popov's mod_myvhost

See also the THANKS file

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