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A Terminus theme for the gruvbox color theme
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Gruvbox Theme

For the Terminus terminal

This theme is based on the "Hype" theme for Terminus.

####From original "Hype" theme README:


Terminus layout is based on Bootstrap 4, so the easiest way is to base the theme on Bootstrap as well.

The styles are located in the theme.scss file. It starts with a few Bootstrap variable overrides, then Bootstrap itself is included, and then there are some more direct style overrides.

Adjust the theme name and terminal background color in index.ts

Clone this repository and run:

npm install

Start Webpack in the watch mode:

npm run watch

and your changes to the styles will be rebuilt automatically.

Meanwhile, start Terminus with this plugin included:

TERMINUS_PLUGINS=$(pwd) terminus --debug

While Terminus is running, you can reload the plugins by pressing Ctrl-R (Cmd-R on macOS).

When done, publish your theme to NPM!

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