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Installing Porla

Porla is distributed as an NPM package and can be installed by simply running npm install porla. The idea is to be able to run your Porla instance as a Node.js application, preferrably from a private NPM package.


It is recommended to treat your Porla instance as a regular Node.js application. Keeping it versioned in Git is encouraged!

Using the Yeoman generator

Yeoman is a scaffolding tool and uses generators to create basic scaffolding for various things. There is an official Porla generator (generator-porla) which can be installed and used to generate a basic Porla instance.

$ npm install -g yo generator-porla
$ yo porla

These two commands will first install Yeoman and the Porla generator into the global package space, then it will run the generator and set up a basic Porla instance.

Directly from NPM

$ npm install porla
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