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Charities accepting Ethereum

Projects addressing life and death problems are preferred (no software, art, info leaks donations, etc).


Links to pages with an ethereum address to donate:

Hunger and poverty:

  • GiveDirectly - Grants to the world’s “extreme poor” (Vitalik Buterin and OmiseGo founder, Jun Hasegawa already donated).
  • Unsung - Sponsor a meal to those in hunger in US, Powered by Bitcoin (501c3 non-profit).
  • Heifer International - Help communities become the drivers of their own change to end hunger and poverty in Africa, Asia, Americas.
  • GRACEaid - Donations for refugees and destitute families both within UK and internationally.
  • - GiveCrypto is a nonprofit that distributes cryptocurrency to people living in poverty.

Health care:



  • The Water Project - Provide access to clean water across sub-Saharan Africa (501c3 non-profit).
  • Hippo Roller - Devices to easily collect water in tough rural conditions. Help somebody get one.


  • - Building the global grassroots climate movement.


  • - An open-source platform for building decentralized altruistic communities. Donate to campaigns and developement, see the progress, help make decisions, create your own campaigns (as of May 2018 is the most actively developed project).
  • - Similar as the above, but with a different governance system. Donate to developement here.
  • BanQu - Economic Identity solutions for the poorest and refugees worldwide. Supply chain transparency, traceability, sustainability.
  • Urban Array - Not a charity, but gives regular people the ability to organize, collaborate and rebuild communities.
  • FeelGood - Blockchain-based blood donation system (EthDenver hackathon project 2018).


  • Charitychain - Set a donation goal for an NGO, pay half and raise the other half yourself from friends and family (no news since Jun 14, 2017).
  • Hypergive - Secure digital food wallets for homeless or hungry people in your community (no news since September 12, 2017).
  • Gracetoken - Ethereum-based donation platform (shut down since Jan 7, 2018).
  • Charity DAO - Vote for the projects you would like to see funded and keep track of expenses (no news since 18 Nov 2016).
  • Benefactory - Create a grassroots sector of economy where influence flows from the bottom up (no news since Nov 22, 2016).

Part of revenue goes to charity

  • The Million Ether Homepage - Advertising project. Buy, sell, rent pixels, place ads. 80% of revenue goes to charity.
  • Seedom - Smart-contract lottery with insured randomness. 60% of revenue goes to charity (based on giveth platform).


List of charitable organizations that accept ethereum cryptocurrency







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