CarbonCopy - Collaboration Manager
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CarbonCopy is a collaborative communication manager based in contexts, using the basis of communication and user defined structures:

Context Structure

It is posible to create any communication environment using own structures: Projects, Knowledge Managment, Corporate Forum, Wiki, Historical Success, Tracking Project, etc.


Each enterprise or team has their own communication culture, and CarbonCopy was developed to be adaptate to that culture.

In CarbonCopy the communication enviroment is based on participants, contexts, topics and interaction; they are the pillars of the system. And the purpose of this project is that teams use this system of communication instead of others, for example email.


  • English/Spanish Interface language.
  • Timeline information organized. It is possible to see the information timeline in every account, context and user.
  • It supports multiple contexts hierarchically.
  • It is possible to personalize the context/topics labels to use team definitions and concepts.
  • It is 99% NoSQL.
  • Top calendar for due dates.
  • You can extend application with components and sections.