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How to release

  1. Make sure master build is green
  2. Make a commit on master with the message vX.Y.Z and the following changes
  • In, add a section with the new version as header and the content of the Unreleased one. Don't forget to add the date and fix the link. Add a new Unreleased header, with the proper link.
  • In src/crul/, update the version
  • In shard.yml, update the version
  1. Run shards
  2. Run the specs locally
  3. Add the tag: git tag vX.Y.Z
  4. Push: git push origin master --tags
  5. Make sure master build is green again
  6. Draft a new release
  • Tag: The version being released
  • Release title: vX.Y.Z
  • Description: Should include the relevant part of the CHANGELOG and a link to installation instructions (see example)
  1. Publish it!

See on how to release source and binary packages.